Friday, May 30, 2008

A solemn anniversary

Unlike a wedding anniversary (ours is in two weeks) or other celebratory events, today is a sad day for us. One year ago, Gina Martin, one of DW's oldest friends, passed away after a hard fight against breast cancer. This morning, her husband contacted us for the first time in many months. It made us very emotional to both remember her passing and to hear from Jeff again after a prolonged absence.

To be perfectly honest, we were a little put off by not being allowed to be part of the grieving process and not being allowed to be the good friends we know we are to someone we know was in pain. We had to get over ourselves and realize that our loss and our pain pales in comparison to someone losing their life partner, their sister, their daughter. It's not about us. So, we waited until such a time that we knew would come; when Jeff was ready to reach out to us. That day we were sure would come because of the kind of person Jeff is.

We hope now that he is ready to let us assist him in any way he needs us to. He remains family and as they say in Lilo and Stitch, that means nobody gets left behind.

RIP Gina. We love you.


Friday, May 16, 2008


Just a quick post and then I will fill it in later (as I am rushing off to my function this evening). Okay, not so quick as I never finished writing it last night so I am finishing it Saturday morning.

Today started just a little different as a friend and colleague from work got in my very first birthday wish today. Thanks Sab. That was followed a half hour later by a message from my LB. Thanks Wiz. And that was followed by the call I expect every year and very few years has it been missed. As I was born around 5AM, my father calls me every year at 5AM to wake me up and welcome me yet again into he world. Honestly, at one point I got to hate being woken up but I quickly understood that it is a special thing to look forward to and the effort he makes to do it every single year is to be appreciated. And I do appreciate it very much. Thanks Dad.

And thanks to Mossy, DoubleD (who called before he drove down to Ohio with the family), my youngest niece, my oldest nephew, various FB friends, other folks at work, Keith, my MIL who sent a very nice e-card and finally, my favourite aunt in the world made sure to call to wish me well. I also have to thank Mossy and Penny, BB and EL, Skibum, Calgary girl, College boy and his girlfriend (and S in absentia), my cousin Weeble, her sister Flake and the girl with the nice rack that Weeb brought. Most of all I have to thank my wife you for a change was able to genuinely surprise me. First, she never told me that me that Calgary Girl was in town this weekend and coming with Skibum. Second, she was able to keep the secret that my brother, LB, his wife, SpecialK, and their two sons were coming down for the weekend so I was shocked to see him walk in to the pool area of Safari and it brought me to tears.

This was also an extra special time because the cousins I have not seen or talked to in a long time, for reason we will not print here, came out to celebrate with me. At 40, I decided that change was necessary but in positive ways. I took steps to start that change and it ignited and caught quickly so as I result, family is back in the picture. That is really the best present of all.

Thank you everyone for one of the best birthday ever. I won't soon forget this day. Much love.


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Today's funny (from

Blonde Speed Limit

A police officer pulls over a car with a young blonde driver in it….

Cop : “Miss, this is a 65 MPH highway, why are you going so slowly?”

Blonde : “Officer, I saw a lot of signs saying 22, not 65.”

Cop : “Oh miss, that’s not the speed limit, that’s the name of the highway you’re on!”

Blonde : “Oh! Stupid me! Thanks for letting me know, I’ll be more careful from now on.”

At this point the cop looks into the back seat of the car, where the passengers are shaking and white as ghosts.

Cop : “Excuse me miss, what’s wrong with your friends back there? They’re shaking something awful.”

Blonde : “Oh… We just got off of highway 119”

Ok so a blonde walked into an electronic store and asked, “can I buy this tv?” and the guy said, “no your a blonde”. So she died her hair brown.

The next day the blonde walked into the store again and asked, “can I buy this tv?” and the guy said, “no your a blonde”. So then she died her hair purple.

She walked to the electronic store again and asked, “can I have this tv?” and the guy said, “no your a blonde” and the blonde said, “how do you know im a blonde?” and the guy said, “because this is a microwave!!!”