Friday, December 31, 2004

Monday, December 20, 2004

Say it aint so, Vince!!!

SLAM! Sports - Basketball Toronto Raptors - The big tipper?

It's Frickin' Cold!!

I realize that I have not posted in a while. Many things going on, most of which I cannot print here. I'll be back shortly.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Sex-offender Santa

Et tu, Santa?

Sex-offender Santa

CNEWS - Weird News: 8 yr old Girl suspended over 'Jell-O shots'

And various people are concerned about certain "lifestyles" corrupting the children of the world? What the hell do they call this?

CNEWS - Weird News: Girl suspended over 'Jell-O shots'

Do you need a cigar to get it going?

CANOE -- CNEWS - Tech News: Internet Bill Clinton helps launch new search engine

Adopt-A-Teen and other Holiday tips

Hicks On Six Column

Dad guilty of sexually assaulting own child

Look later for my dissertation on my stance concerning capital punishment. For now, find below an example of why these sick *&^$%*&^%(*& bastards deserve said punishment:

Dad guilty of sexually assaulting own child

Privacy shocker

When we drop our guard and simply rely on everyone else to be diligent about privacy for us (be it home or work), things like the fax fiasco that the CIBC is embroiled in and the matter below will continue to haunt us all:

Privacy shocker

Decisions, decisions.

Well, semi-faithful reader, it would seem that I am at a bit of a crossroads of sorts. While the blog can basically be whatever the heck I want it to be, I am not sure what that is exactly. I'm not big on the daily diary aspect because, really, who gives a rat's ass about my problems? I do not want it to be a political blog because quite frankly I'd be talking out of my ass on that one. Technology is just too easy (and too boring for some) for me to do. Pictures, MPEGs, and attachments would make this thing huge and draw the ire of those who support it.

I guess I have no choice but to remain bringing you the plethora of insights that permeate the deeper recesses of my deluded subconscious; that's right, I'll continue talking shit about whatever I feel like. Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Life, the Universe and Everything

I will probably edit this again later on but we'll work with it as is for the moment.

Lessons come in many different forms. Some are ones that we choose to take on and learn. Some we have to take on and learn. Then there are those that we are forced to learn, mostly for our own good, whether we want to learn them or not.

I have come to the conclusion that the old adage "You cannot teach an old dog new tricks" really should never be used. I believe that the other old adage "You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink" is a more accurate assessment of any situation.

Another old adage comes to mind that compliments the horse above. The statement "Experience is the best teacher" is very bold and very true. No matter how many times you tell something to someone, or give them examples of fact, it just does not stick. Sometimes (and this can be unfortunate in certain circumstances) the person(s) just have to experience it for themselves to fully understand what you have been telling them all along.

It's like when you tell a child that the stove is hot. You warn them that it will burn them and hurt them. Despite the repeated warnings, the child still has to touch the stove, burn and hurt themselves, to prove that you were telling the truth. Now that they have experienced
it themselves, they will be more apt to believe you in the future.

We see these same lessons everyday. From the bright folks in Etobicoke who blindly believe that their neighbours would never rob them so why lock their doors to the small towns that shrug smugly about the safety of their community compared to the big city; that is, until the news crew descends upon them for having the highest STD per capita in the entire nation due to John and Jane's activities during the various "oral parties" held each week.

I know, I know. My blog has been a bit dark these days. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's the season. Maybe it's just me. I'll figure it out and get back to you all.

In the meantime, I hope you will listen more carefully to that person trying to help you or trying to give you advice or trying to encourage you to do something for your benefit or safety. Sometimes, some things are just not meant to be or should not be experienced. Sometimes, they should be and they should be embraced for the extras that they provide. The hard part is determining which is which.


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Whilst searching Canoe archives, you come across some strange things...

A test of new technology

Well, it is older technology but new to me. It would seem that I would
be able to update my blogger simply by sending it an email. Absolutely
freaky if you ask me, which I know you did not but since it is MY blog,
pop off!

Pain - Part Deux

This second part of the pain is geared at anyone with a child in their life. It could be yours, your sibling's, a friend's or a co-worker's. It does not matter whose child it is, you need to be aware of what is going on and do everything to prevent similar instances to happen in your world.

Recently, within the last month, I have started paying attention to the news reports a little closer. Specifically, I am looking for those reports that include references to the Internet or online activity. To my dismay, there are lots of them. Most recently, a man took advantage of a 13 year old autistic girl. This is a sick sick person that even used the name "edmontonpervert" as his chat name. You can read about it here:

Further related info can be found as follows:

You would like some help, some direction on what you can do to protect those children in your life. Look here for starters:

Some products to consider to help in your fight (which will NEVER replace a parent's diligence):

So, why the sudden urge and increased interest in this particular subject? Nothing, thankfully, has happened like that in my life and I will not publicly embarrass anyone with displayed information. Suffice it to say that even one as Net-savvy as myself can be shocked and surprised at how easy it is for someone to make contact with people that should not be contacted. Be careful, Be mindful, Be curious. Just don't be blind or naive.

Take care.

OK, I welcome the rain. It washes away the pain.

Which pain you ask? Well, for starters, the not-so-mighty Raptors. What the hell are these people doing? Coming close is great for horseshoes and hand grenades, NOT NBA frickin' games. A player gets paid to put the round ball in THROUGH the round hoop. Not on it, not around it, not by it, IN IT! Things happen yes, but with the game on the line, make the ^%$*&^%(*&^ layup and lose in overtime.

Headaches. Hate them. Hate the drugs needed to make them go away. Can you say, "Got Rum?"

Cold. Snow is fine. We need a way to enjoy it minus the cold. Shut your pie hole Dave.

I could have had a Mac!!

Stupid people in bad weather. Actually the weather does not matter as I hate stupid people at any time of year in any weather. The problem with them in bad weather is that they damage smart people's property with their stupid actions. Take the fourteen morons that rear-ended each other after the first one jammed into the back of the bus. A BUS?!?! Lemme guess, you did not see it (trust me, that was the excuse used by a BMW driver who rammed into the back of s stopped TTC bus on Morningside north of Sheppard one summer day). Anyhow, the bus goes down the hill and the first person hits him. He gets out and attempts to stop the subsequent drivers from cresting the hill and sliding down into the existing accident. The stupid people went AROUND the person flagging them down and consequently hit the vehicle in front of them. I think it stopped when enough cars had hit that they could be seen before the slide started. Goofs. Here's a winter hint for everyone: go to an empty parking lot one evening when it is snowy. Drive forward at a mere 30Km/h and slam on your brakes. Get used to how your vehicle behaves in that condition and then repeat it on dry land and on ice. Then with this new knowledge, DON'T BE STUPID!

OK, this is part one. Part two to follow shortly.

Monday, December 06, 2004

OH - MI - GAWD! FOOD!! Posted by Hello

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Welcome to the world, my nephew! Posted by Hello

Let it snow!

So, the weather outside is frightful, but the snow is just delightful...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know it may not be the exact wording but you get the general gist of things. Personally, I LOVE the snow. I love the feel of it crunching under my feet. I love the taste of it (outside of polluted areas) on my tongue. I love the smell of it as t blankets all the city's nastiness. I even love the temperature of it as it typically gives a respite to colder times. Snow, I can deal with. I just wished that I could enjoy it without the cold.

Now, before you egghead types start explaining to me why this is technically an impossible situation (snow, ice, cold, winter.... Yes, I get it), understand the distinction. I love the near zero snowfalls. The fluffy white stuff that packs and leaves a ringing in your ear when it smacks the side of your ill-advised, left-in-the-open head in a snowfight. I despise the ice-pellet encrusted, wind-whipped mess that goes through everything but my government-issued Air Force Arctic parka (don't ask questions and I won't have to hurt you). I hate having my face beaten up like someone was raking it across bare concrete. It is that part of winter I hate.

Then there are those skiing types, you know the ones. They extol the virtue of pure powder, that first batch of snow that no one else has gone through; Virgin Ice, if you will. These types are obviously missing out on the more natural benefits of a ski lodge: Ski Bar and Ski Bunnies. nuff Said.

So, as winter truly rolls in, remember a few things. Unless you're in a hurry to swap insurance cards or medical info, slow it down and take it easy! Be ever more mindful of the idiots on the road that do not prescribe to the aforementioned way of thinking. Most of all, take care of yourself out there because no one else will.


The One

Friday, December 03, 2004

Da week from Idaho!

Well, it has been an interesting week. By interesting, I mean surprising, disappointing, maddening, saddening and totally &^%(*^%*&( up to the max!

Where do I begin? The child? The family? The job? The deaths?

Man, this week had it all. Two colleagues had parents die. Regardless the circumstance (i.e. illness, age, etc.), it is never easy to see a loved one leave you; worse if it was unexpected. my heart goes out to the Poots and Lapierrre families. God bless.

The child, well, besides being a new teenager, she has decided to perform the incredible: test Dad's limits. Ok, let's be clear and realistic here; I have moving limits. I set my limits depending on the situation and person. With her, I have stretched and stretched my limits to the dismay of my wife. Now though, the child deared to step over the last limit line; SHE'S TOAST! I mean, why on Earth would she believe that she can pull one over on us now?

So, no tv, no games, no gaming, no video, no movies, no outings, no nothing. If I could borrow Riker's Island, I'd put her on it for a few months. As it is, I have donned my Grim Reaper visage and am going postal these days. My poor wife has to put up with me as well. Life is not fair.

And that to the wonderfully asinine mentally that is slowly creeping through my workplace and you have a nice package of delirium. Really people, if you had a choice between being a nice cohesive unit rather than a back-satbbing, neo-political mess, which would you choose to be? Too much politics, too much CYA moves, too much incompetence, too much grandiose gestures of hypocrisy. It's all just too much. Yeah, I have a family to take care of so I have to put up with it for now, but God-almighty you just want to reach out and slap people sometimes.

For an example, take this particularly insightful beeyatch who thought that me and a bud were speaking, in a room with the door open, too loudly. Was it the lady just outside said room complaining? Nope. It is the pyscho-beeyatch out that door, down the hall past a wider hall around the corner into another cubicle area. How the *&%^*%^$&^$^ are we bothering her mad ass down there when the person outside the door is not bothered? If your nerves are that shot, take your mad beeyatching self and check into 1001 Queen Street West!! This damn woman is tighter than a frog's ass in water; she really needs to learn how to relax. Sorry, what she really needs is a good, LONG, F.........riend.

So much more to mention. I need to travel home, get a drink and then maybe continue. See ya on the flipside.