Thursday, April 28, 2005

Today's Haikus about today's idiot

Over there sits Catbert(tm).
You see us all as mushrooms.
Please don't feed us shit!


Don't worry, trust us!
Cries sounded often these days.
We must all be deaf.

Sneak Peek

A picture speaks a thousand words, they say.

xboxstacked.jpg (JPEG Image, 677x448 pixels)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Today's Haikus

He seemed to have lost
a precious doc of info.
How brain-dead is he?


He thinks himself so
high on the pedestal but
he needs a new "think".

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Broadbandmarket Canada | Shop Over 55 Providers & Choose your best quote.

This article was written in October 2004, but still holds water. Take the reviews on the right with a grain of salt because companies like Primus (who I refused to go with before, but I am about to try now) have really changed what they are offering and their pricing for given features. I'll report back on my experiences in due time.

Broadbandmarket Canada | Shop Over 55 Providers & Choose your best quote.

The Lost Canadian

This is the site referenced in the previous post/link. Shame, shame, shame.

The Lost Canadian - Peter Worthington - Victory near for 'citizens'

You know, it takes things like this to knock us collectively off our pedestal. We can look at what the world is doing to its citizens, and by all means try to help those in need, but let's not get too pious shall we?

This is the first time I have heard of this particular ridiculous bit of history that Canada was party to. And please, don't hand me the bullshit about it was a time of war, blah blah blah. It was wrong. the people that did this knew it was wrong. The governments that have been in power 1977 have known this was wrong and yet only now it MIGHT be rescinded and corrected?

The Liberals have not been in power for almost thrity straiht years so anyone simply blaming them for this being dragged out is an idiot and a waste of time in this blog because I abhor ignorance. ALL the governments involved in this stupidity since it was put into law is at fault. And all of us should feel the shame of it just the same. As an old adage goes, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Don't know about you, but I see a lot of glass around here. I'll be putting down some of my stones now. - Peter Worthington - Victory near for 'citizens'

CANOE -- WHAM! gaming: iews - Tekken 5

On the PS2 side of things, there is a new version of one of the games that convinced me to buy a PS2 on eBay (still works like a charm). Tekken is one of those fighting games that just works. Want decent moves? Has it. Want kick-his-ass-with-no-mercy moves? Has it. Want skimpy customes that ups the rating? Has them. Want unreal special moves and super nice powers with visuals? It's in the game (sorry EA).

If you have a PS2, and you want something else to waste some time with, send the signif to bed and fire up Tekken.

CANOE -- WHAM! gaming: iews - Tekken 5

CANOE -- CNEWS - Tech News: Tech At Home Windows released for 64-bit computers

Have an AMD 64-bit machine at home? Read this story on how to make Windows sing all 64 bits for free (well, as free as the Evil Empire can come).

CANOE -- CNEWS - Tech News: Tech At Home Windows released for 64-bit computers

CANOE -- WHAM! gaming: - Swayed by Jade

Oh MsMittens... I think there may be a fix for your Halo addiction. A new drug called Jade Empire. DW and I have slowed to a halt on the game library (mainly because we are broke), but will pick up a title here and there that warrants it. Ninja Gaiden was worth it (and thanks to a demo for allowing us to see that). Everything I have read about it says that this game is of the same calibre. i hope to play it soon and will let you know for sure.

Did I mention the new Mortal Kombat is out?

CANOE -- WHAM! gaming: - Swayed by Jade

CANOE -- CNEWS - Tech News David Canton: Websites must be updated

And certain bathroom renovation companies should NOT be using Geocities as the root of their website address. I frown on a business to cheap to buy a domain name for $40/year.

CANOE -- CNEWS - Tech News David Canton: Websites must be updated

CANOE -- CNEWS - Tech News: Tech At Home Risks of Internet phones

More VOIP info. Comments to follow.

CANOE -- CNEWS - Tech News: Tech At Home Risks of Internet phones

CANOE -- CNEWS - Tech News: An Inexpensive Disaster Plan

I'll be back to espouse my past backup sins.

CANOE -- CNEWS - Tech News: An Inexpensive Disaster Plan

CANOE -- CNEWS - Tech News: VoIP family dials up customer-service nightmare

Ah, the joys of technology and the realities of its cost. I am an early adopter of VOIP technology and I must say, the ability for our daughter to make a local call in Toronto that we received in a hotel room in Chicago is a wonderous thing.

That said, like all things new, it takes a while to weed out the posers who make like reputable companies but are in there for the early adopter money and will eventually fade away to scam another day. If this family learns anything, it is to actually READ the contract that they signed.

A friend of mine is abosolutely anal about things liek this; sometimes to a fault. I would not have faulted him in this instance. Lots more companies are coming out with their particualr flavour of VOIP. I used Vonage but I will neither recommend nor dissuade anyone to use them. I would say, be informed and do your research to see if the service meets all your needs. Unlike cable, gas, water, electricity and local phone service, you really do have a choice in who you cough up your hard earned cash to. Make the choice wisely.


CANOE -- CNEWS - Tech News: VoIP family dials up customer-service nightmare

Star Wars: Episode III | Ads & Trailers Archive

Nuff said. All the trailers and tv ads can be seen here. i am going to be at the midnight showing for sure.

Star Wars: Episode III | Ads & Trailers Archive

M&M'S® Chocolate MPire

All things belong to the Empire. The hype is gearin up for the May 19th release of the final installment of the prequel trilogy, Revenge of the Sith. I'll post new stuff as I come acroos it or is sent to me. Enjoy!

M&M'S® Chocolate MPire

Monday, April 25, 2005

If you need an explanation, you deserve a lifelong supply of SPAM(tm)!! - Hot Docs show many faces of Jewish life - Hot Docs show many faces of Jewish life

Family Guy returns

Ah those wacky network executives. Always playing with the schedule and chopping shows that have the audacity to not be a runaway hit the first time out. Hell, forget the shows that receive all the critical praise (Arrested Development is very funny...if you get it, but to do so requires you to think a lot); those things don't bring in the bucks till the fourth or fifth year.

Remember that everyone thought that Married with Children was the death of the sitcom, the death of good taste and the death of TV as we knew it. Well, as usual, they were wrong about that too. It turned out to be one of the longest running shows in TV history. It made stars out of everyone on the show with exception possibly of the neighbours and friends. It was Fox's cash cow, along with the Simpsons, and continues to rake in money in reruns and DVDs.

Family Guy is also one of those opposite shows. Critics hated it. Viewers seemed to hate it too. Except, the problem is that it was not reaching the right viewers. Given a timeslot that made sense on the Cartoon Network in the US (Comedy Channel and Teletoon up here), people who "got" the jokes and gags and appreciated the humour finally got a chance to see it. Remember, like South Park, but not as crass, this really is not a cartoon for kids; hence, the primetime and late night runs.

DVD, as it has for so many things, helped give a wide audience as well. People who bought the series shared it with friends or forced them to watch. Now, when you can hear ALL of what little Stewie is saying, you can really appreciate that the child needs to be committed to save us all from him growing up and taking over the world (after he kills the infernal person who kept him incarcerated in a hell hole for 9 months, his mother).

So, on May 1st, sit down at 7PM and enjoy the entire Fox lineup (thankfully minus the awful The Sketch Show, what was Kelsey thinking?): Ken of the Hill, Malcom in the Middle, The Simpsons, Arrested Development, Family Guy and American Dad.

Ciao! - Back and reanimated

The Screech Story

Since we will be some friends from down over in a little while, I thought it would be good to share the story of the rum that has knocked many on their ass. Enjoy.

The Screech Story

Friday, April 22, 2005

She had to be on drugs.

OK, I normally leave such drivel to other blogs (like DW's fave, that I foolishly introduced her to, American Idol Rant), but I just had to this time. The thought that Paula Abdul slept with slimy boy Corey Clark (and allegedly also Justin Guarini of 15-seconds of fame) instead of a stadium full of better, willing participants like myself is just too much to fathom.

Her antics on this year's Idol says that she has to be on something. The obvious hearing problems (when she says great on totally sucky performances), her open-palmed clapping that is more seal than human, and her insistence to interrupt everyone and anyone to offer her own drug-addled opinion is a bit embarrassing for her and the show.

Paula, please, say is isn't so!!

Ex-‘Idol’ contestant claims Abdul affair - Gossip: The Scoop -

I cannot wait for the details...

So, it seems that justice may be "served" afterall. I concede that it is a bad pun, in light of one of my and DW's favourite fast food joint's woes, but it does "ring" true. Ouch.

The problem continues in the United States that they are too bloody sue happy down there. There are far too many slimy lawyers (yes, that can be redundant) who are in it only for the fast buck and will sue if you look too harshly for too long at someone. unfortunately, that mentality has started to slip more and more into Canada. One can only hope that common sense, and real truth, will win out.

I want to know the details on this case because it lends a light on several other cases going on in the States right now; MJ's at the top of the list. The boy's mother seems to have the same litigous traits. If it turns out she is lying, I hope they string he ass through the same hell that they are doing to MJ now.

That said, if the little freaky bitch is guilty, then MJ or not, I have only one punishment for that kind of sick perversion; waste his ass. Thankfully, he is in California, so the possibility (legally or not) is there.

CANOE -- CNEWS - Weird News: Woman in Wendy's case arrested

Friday Funnies!

It's an oldie but a goodie:

A housewife takes a lover during the day, while her husband is at work. Unknown to her, her 9 year old son was hiding in the closet. Her husband came home unexpectedly, so she hid her lover in the closet. The boy now has company.

Boy: "Dark in here."
Man: "Yes it is."
Boy: "I have a baseball."
Man: "That's nice."
Boy: "Want to buy it?"
Man: "No, thanks."
Boy: "My dad's outside."
Man: "OK, how much?"
Boy: "$250."

In the next few weeks, it happens again that the boy and the mom's lover are in the closet together.

Boy: "Dark in here."
Man: "Yes, it is."
Boy: "I have a baseball glove."
Man: "How much?"
Boy: "$750."
Man: "Fine."

A few days later, the father says to the boy, "Grab your glove. Let's go outside and toss the baseball."

The boy says, "I can't. I sold them."
The father asks, "How much did you sell them for?"
The son says, "$1, 000."
The father says, "That's terrible to overcharge your friends like that. That is way more than those two things cost. I'm going to take you to church and make you confess."

They go to church and the father alerts the priest, and makes the little boy sit in the confession booth and closes the door.

The boy says, "Dark in here."
The priest says, "Don't start that shit again."



My thanks to Hot Mama for supplying today's funny.

A solar eclipse on the Moon

Thanks to my friend Mark, this site gives one an idea of what the experience would be like. It also reminds us that there is still a universe of experiences to, well, experience. So, as the tagline goes, Just Do It.

A solar eclipse on the Moon

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Rubber Band Machine Gun

MsMittens, you are seriously going to get be in trouble. Holy freakin' A!! Drop everything else I spoke about (except maybe the lightsabers), I definitely want this thing. It will be like those old wild west shootouts. Like a manual version of the gun that Arnie's buddy cut down have a forest with in Predator. The fact that no one in the know area codes have one makes it an ultra cool, ultra coveted item. Even if someone else got it, one just needs to form a whole new type of club. Make this thing portable, run around with velcro strapped to our body and have at it. Suhweeeet!

Now, on a separate note, it is very disturbing that our good friend even knows where to find such an animal. MsMittens, we need to talk (though it does kind of explain your fixationw ith Halo).

The Rubber Band Machine Gun

ThinkGeek :: Flashflight LED Flying Discs

Yet another item to get one's ass in trouble at work. Only to be used outside, and at lunch or breaks. It's better than smoking!

ThinkGeek :: Flashflight LED Flying Discs

The Star Wares movie comes out in May

Coincidentally, that is when my birthday is and a couple of these nifty units will keep me occupied and happy for a while. Especially if I get a worthy adversary.

ThinkGeek :: Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

Is ThinkGeek TRYING to get me fired?

ThinkGeek :: Ninja Attack

Oh my, so much trouble in the office.

ThinkGeek :: TinyTag - Miniature Laser Tag

Excellent for us Ginseng-needy types.

ThinkGeek :: Freedom Keepsafe

This would only get me into trouble.

I would say that 95% of the meetings I have to attend could be condensed and emailed out for a 15-20 minutes read. So, having this tool would only enhance my current meeting-induced ADD.

ThinkGeek :: LighTalk LED Scanner

If you camp, look at this link.

ThinkGeek :: Swedish FireSteel

Frickin' Suhweet!!

My birthday is coming up. I could use a pair. A pair of what you ask? Click the link and see for yourself.

ThinkGeek :: Cyclops SR1

So much better than paint!

Ok Skibum, I strongly suggest you duck now. Those little discs of yours are no match for sugar launched at speed. So, you won't knwo when I take delivery of this little office tool and you won't know when you are in my sights until I pull the trigger. Hahahahahahaha!

Hello, my name is indigo montoya you killed my father prepare to die.

ThinkGeek :: Marshmallow Shooter

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

April Showers

It's Raining.

Most people shudder at that statement or frown or get sad or get mad. Me? I L-O-V-E the rain. I love the way it feels on my face. I love the way it washed the nastiness of winter away (both literally and figuratively). I love the sound of it on the windows and roof. I love driving in the rain (if it is clear road and no idiots are out there with me). I love watching it fall. I love walking and riding it in. And yes, I still love jumping into the odd puddle now and again.

I love spring and I welcome the rain. I think I was born to live in Vancouver or London.


Blog-a-thon Answers for Mossy Stone

Here are the answers to the questions which Mossy Stone has asked me.


Q1. Skibum, Albert Einstein, Wendell Clark, Doug Flutie and Kofi Annan are having dinner together at a nearby Dim Sum joint. Describe their food selections and tell me who picks up the check.

A1. As a note, I answered this one last because it takes a bit of work, so let's get to it. Skibum, Wendell and Dougie are good Canadian boys so we know they have been exposed to all sorts of cultures. They'll order anything but chicken feet and camel's hump. Dougie will mainly stick to his carb options (some pork buns, egg noodles and rice). Wendell will want whatever protein is available. Skibum pretty much eats whatever he feels like (he’ll tell you it is all energy for the slopes but the only slope of concern is the arc from table to mouth). Many belt holes will be adjusted. Albert Einstein, known to not want to waste precious brain power on thoughts and choices of little consequence, will simply eat bits and pieces from whatever the gang orders. It is the most efficient way for him to get a full meal. As for Mr. Annan, well what can we say? I don’t think he has cannibalistic tendencies so I doubt he’ll eat anything either slimy or anything that tends to scurry away easily.

As for who would pick up the bill, Einstein is the smartest so he will efficiently find himself anywhere else but near the bill. The Canadian Boys will do their best impression of the Trailer Park Boys (guess which one is Bubbles) and first fight not to pay it before fighting to pay for it. Kofi, the dear man, will not want to interfere in the affairs of others and quietly excuse himself form the whole affair while insisting that they all play nice in the same sandbox.

Q2. You've just been appointed as "Member without Portfolio" at work, reporting directly to the CEO. What are your first three "executive" decisions?

A2. Oh my, danger, danger Will Robinson! In no particular order, the following directives would go out. First, everyone understand that this is 2005 that there is more to work than work and that the culture of a company likes ours relies on and responds best when that culture (a set of learned beliefs, values and behaviours; the way of life shared by the members of a society)is encouraged to grow. Second, I'd get someone in HR that understood, REALLY understood, the first directive and executed hiring practices to help promote and nurture the culture (while meeting the business needs of course) not hamper or suppress it. Third, I'd ensure that there was a pure process for getting ideas from the employees to the people that can do something with it. I'd hire someone to actually look at the ideas, complaints, concerns and such and give all of it serious thought. Fostered in the right cultured, no one would ever fear for speaking up when something needed to be fixed because the culture would dictate that the ONLY goal was to be the best for our clients and to do things right the first time and fix it ASAP when it is simply not working. The blame game would be an intolerable action written into all contracts as a dismissible action (of course, toadying, snaking and alright sliminess falls under dismissible offences as well). Hmmm, I think I just created a position for myself.

Q3. If your DW and my DW got together what do you think they'd talk about?

A3. Holy smack, this is a dangerous question. I've been witness many times to two hens yapping (Redsometimes, Mrs. Gray, KJ, Gina, The Bride Killers, all come to mind). Knowing my DW, it would involve talks about how each couple got together, the wedding, in-law foibles, the little things I do that piss her off, how much she loves me regardless... and Reality Shows. Sprinkle in talks about the kids, extended families, a little work and cooking/baking. :) Oh oh, and BBQ. She LOVES to BBQ.

Q4. Tell me about a time when someone you admired disappointed you.

A4. This is probably the hardest question because feelings are involved. Anyone that knows me knows my entire life is lived like a binary bit; either on or off, black or white. I am a rather simple character which makes me so complicated to those who cannot deal with that. Specific to this question, I cannot print some of the worst ones here. Okay, back in high school, I had a geography teacher that I really admired for his strength, character and knowledge. He was (and still is) very active in the black community fighting for social equality. It happens that this particular time he was attending, and protesting, the Hart House (U of T) invitation of a South African ambassador to speak. This sparked a load of controversy because Apartheid was still running at full steam at the time. Needless to say, things got heated and it the heat of the moment, my teacher, the man who scolded me in a hallway for not being a better example to those students below me, picked up a ceremonial mace (and a rather heavy one at that) and heaved it in the direction of the Ambassador. He was taken out but I do not think he was charged. Unfortunately, his picture and that of the mace, was plastered on the front page of papers and the TCDSB threatened to fire him. I and some other students wrote letters and spoke to other teachers and administration to fight for his job. We even spoke to him directly and said what we thought he did was wrong and could not condone his actions, but we understood and supported him. It was a very defining time for me. For some more information, please check the CBC Archives.

Q5. How did you cope with being in a new culture after moving from Trinidad?

A5. This is the easiest question. I moved from Trinidad when I was two years old in October of 1970. So, I really am a supplanted native. While I never grew up there, and I never went to school or worked there, I identify so strongly with there as my second home thanks to my parents. They instilled a sense of pride in our roots and culture, while ensuring that we embrace our current home, Canada. Funny thing is, when I am in Canada, people ask where I am from because they hear an accent and I say Trinidad. When i am in Trinidad, it is the same question and I say I am from Canada (while trying to avoid a fight when they insist on calling me a Yankee).

Many thanks to Mossy Stone for being gentle. Gives his blog some love as he is a good egg. ;)


Here are the rules for this Blog-a-thon:

I'll offer to interview the next how many ever people to respond to this post that will follow these rules:

1. Leave me a comment saying "interview me." Please also leave your blog address.
2. I will respond by asking you five questions here. They will be different questions than the ones above.
3. You will update YOUR blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Today's Haiku!

Ode to an Idiot!

New here, I am not.
New here, I like to pretend.
Drive here like shit still.

Today's Idiot!

It must be the good weather that brings these freaks out and into the sites of TR. What other exaplanation could there be for today's turd for brains inexcusable attempt at suicide?

So, I and DW are rolling in our 4.2 (TR) going north on Morningside after exiting the 401. It happens to be downhill and we happen to have that bright green light which in most languages me go (in Amsterdam it is red and means c... uhm, nevermind). Anyhow, we are enjoying our conversation and some Usher when we spot this goof and his wife coming off the 401 East. He is still approaching and we both speak aloud that the idiot would not be thinking of....


For the love of monkeys!!!! What the hell possesses people to want to pit their POS plasticized Japanese import against a nearly two metric tonne, steel roo-barred fronted, don't-give-a-flying-fig piloted truck????

Needless to say, I am able to type this now because wisely he chose for me, DW and TR NOT to kill his stupid ass and his innocent family today. We were at speed and coming down a hill and a new one would have been ripped open for the lot of them.


Blog-a-thon Answers for Penny Shagwell

Here are the answers to the questions which Penny Shagwell has asked me.


Q1. Are you a passive traveller (lay on a beach and drink rum punch) or a risk-taking one (bungee jumping naked in New Zealand)?

A1. I am not sure how the natives would like to see the latter, but the last thing anyone would describe as is passive. I snorkeled for the first time in Hawaii even though I am deathly afraid of heights (in this case, cold, dark, encompassing depths) and not very good in the water. I drove like the locals in St. Martin and nearly made DW... well, it would not have been good let's just say.

Q2. Do you believe in ghosts?

A2. Absolutely. Both my father's mother died in our house on Kerbar Road (Kennedy and Finch) of diabetic complications; I found her that morning. Shortly before her birthday, just before Christmas, I remember seeing her in the hallway looking into my room at night. When I went to the door, there was no one there. My mother usually checked on us at night, but was too tired to get up that night; I had asked her if it was her and why she did not answer me. Every so often, I feel Hettie Nelson's presence around me, near me, and I know that everything will be okay.

Q3. If you could stop the world and get off for a weekend, what would you do and would you do it alone?

A3. It is going to sound corny, not that I care, but I married my soulmate and anything that good to experience I could not think of doing alone. That said, I think I would want to be able to experience space and witness the majesty of creation up close. I'm not talking those Virgin Galactic flights, I'm talking the real space walking cosmonaut baby!

Q4. What's the best part of being in love?

A4. So many things, so little hard drive space. I think the best thing may be best summed up in the word "unconditional". DW gives up unconditional love, support, pressure, encouragement, sensuality, emotion, help, knowledge transfer, EVERYTHING. She does so without expectation of return but with the knowledge that it will come ten-fold in one way or another. It's in having a partner go to the bulk food store, and knowing I have had a super pissy day, buys me a little special treat; Reeses Pieces.

Q5. Which, of your pre-existing wardrobe, is your favourite item of clothing?

A5. Whoah, clothes question?!?! Hmmm, it's a four-way tie. My entire Toronto Maple Leafs collection (Gilmour authentic jersey, reversible jack, and several hats). A black Winston t-shirt that I cannot find another like anywhere. My very colourful Double-Dragon style bowling shirt. My black suit that makes it seem like DW did okay afterall (well, at least four times a year it does).

Many thanks to Penny Shagwell for dropping the bar low enough for me to participate. Afterall, we all know that Mossy Stone married above his station. ;)


Here are the rules for this Blog-a-thon:

I'll offer to interview the next how many ever people to respond to this post that will follow these rules:

1. Leave me a comment saying "interview me." Please also leave your blog address.
2. I will respond by asking you five questions here. They will be different questions than the ones above.
3. You will update YOUR blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Maybe we should move to the land of the frogs.

What the hell is happening to this city? You beat up a pregnant woman to get some money. Two MEN stand by watching and then claim they thought "they knew each other"? Was the screaming of "help, help, get the bitch off of me" not a clear indication that they did not in fact know each other (Editor's Note: Poetic license was taken to illustrate a point, see the movie 'I'm gonna get you, sucka' for the reference).

Ok, back to the point. You immediately think that these guys are wussies and should be strung up by their shruken nads. On a closer look, you have to consider that these guys would be concerned about the other three, possibly weapon carrying, girls that is with this fourth. Maybe, they sent her back as part of the initiation into a gang. That said, however, these two pitiful asswipes did not go to help the lady afterwards, did not call police, did nothing at all to help the situation or help this woman get her purse back. That makes them as bad as the criminal ingrates that benefitted from the crime.

I hope, that when the time comes and I am in the same situation, that I will help or be helped. God forbid.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks to Famine for pointing out that I was so pissed out and shocked at this that I thought it was Toronto instead of quiet little Winnepeg that this happened in. Makes this disgusting act that much more so.

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Pregnant woman victim of attack

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Will I ever learn?

I should learn by now NOT to blog so late at night. I tend to forget to copy and past to word or somewhere safe BEFORE I hit the publish button. So, tonight, while I was finishing the previous post, I did it again. I hit the publish button, it asked me to login (I've been logged in all night), I login, it pooches the last request and totally &^%*&^*( me over.

Well, thankfully, I read a blog that posted how to recover from such nasty things. Hmmm, why would Blogger put a link called "Recover post" in the create section if they did not expect to lose things often? Like Micro$oft, this problem appears to be a feature of Blogger. Anyhow, I clicked on the link and got back about 75-80 percent of my blog. So instead of very nasty cursing at a good post going to waste again, I will smply thank Blogger for adding a way to recover from their buggy posting procedure.

I actually suspect that the login times out afetr a while. It should change the page to a login screen or something instead of staying on the page and making it seem like nothing is amiss.

Anyhow, I am tired and have to get up in three hours so, good night everyone.


Sam Mitchell for Coach of the Year!

Before you jump on my post and tell me I have totally lost it or really smoked up, understand where the statement stems from.

Coach Mitchell gets my vote for several reasons. For the way he handled Raefer Alston and his ridiculous, childish tantrums. For the way he handled Jalen Rose and Donyell Marshall, veterans yes, but not always ready for prime time. For the way he stayed out of the basement with a rag tag assortment of players that upper management dropped into his lap. Being forced to play the likes of Pape Sow and those two sorrowful rejects we got for Vince Carter is enough to drive anyone to drink.

Most important for me though is that this coach is not afraid (Lenny) to speak the truth (not his own agenda, Butch) about what the team is and is not. The players were far too complacent in being used to coaches who could not step up to take the heat and really say what needs to be said when they know it will not make them popular inside or outside of the organization. Well, he gained a huge supporter in me tonight.

After squandering a fifteen point half time lead, the sorrowful Raptors let down there boisterous fans (McGreedy and Short-stacked Stoudamire are now off the hook). They roundly and soundly booed Vince. Yet, VC, sans dunks, dropped THIRTY-NINE embarrassing points on our ass. He did it with threes, jumpers, twists, banks and his usual dumb luck; and this was BEFORE he started to draw fouls in the fourth quarter. Jalen Rose summed it up best when asked after the game how he thought Vince handled the night. He said, "I couldn't care less how he handled it; I really couldn't. I am more concerned with why we didn't win this game tonight." Well said Jalen.

So, back to the coach, who answered the media in his usual frank style. He said, "Vince got his points, he had a good night. We should have won this game though if we only remembered to pass the ball. Pass the ball and run the plays the right way. I don't understand why our guys still cannot do that. And until they do understand or WE GET SOME GUYS IN HERE THAT CAN, we will be in this same place next year." I'm paraphrasing, of course, and you can hear his actual quote on any sports program for sure.

Basically, Coach Mitchell is challenging his players to step up and play to win in his system n his team. He is also challenging Peddie and Babcock to stop making boneheaded trades and get him some players that want to win, want to play in Toronto and want to conform to his system. The gauntlet is thrown, let's see who picks it up.

Kudos to you, Coach!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Welcome home, Vince Carter.

Now, please go copulate in a single, personal fashion.

Those boos are not simply bitter feelings and sour grapes. They are the hopes and dreams of an entire city that vested a lot more in your sorry ass than you obviously did in return. I will be the first to say that I completely enjoyed when you played in Toronto. DW only ever wanted your shirt and number on her chest. We lived for every time you climbed up the front of someone stupid enough to think that standing their misguided selves in front of you would deter you from putting the ball into the hoop. French dude (lipton dunk). The Admiral. SHAQ! Tim PRESEASON?!?!?

But something happened, and it was no secret. Everyone saw it and the more you made excuses, the more it pissed us off. We KNOW how you can play. We KNOW your ability. We KNOW when you are dragging your ass more than a lazy cat in heat. So, please, oh please, do NOT insult our intelligence.

To further ruin my perfect day after the buttmunch in the white van cut me off, I had to listen to a partial interview of VC on 590 The Fan (which we know is not working since it sucks and blows). This *^%*&^% had the audacity to say that he grew up in Toronto and that he &^%%*&% understands what we are &^%*&*(& going through. Further, this *&^%*&%(*^ wants to claim that he prepared and went out every (*&^(*^&) game, trying his &^$*&%(* hardest to &^$*&%^(*& win. Yeah *&%^*&%^&*( RIGHT!!!

You did not get your *&^$*&%^ way, *^%$%*^%&^ constantly complained about it and then to add *&%*&%^*( insult to *&^%*&%^*()& injury, you ^&%$*&(%* do jack *&$^%*&^ shit on the floor and blamed it on everyone else but your sorry *&%^$*&^%(&*^ ass!!! You seem to *&$*&%*( forget that you *&^%*&(^(* said on *&^%*&^* TV that you &^%*^#% dogged it you slimy mother *&^%*&%^(&*^*(!!!

Thanks for the memories Vince. Now get the &^$*&^%*&(^ out of town.

Where's the idiot?

Well, I have worked from home for four days this week as part of my proof of concept, if you will, on my mobile worker initiative. It's been busier than I have been at work for a while, so to those who think working at home affords some kind of vacation living, I say to think again.

Anyhow, today I had to go into work up north for a variety of reasons. I had a baby shower to attend, a lunch to attend and a meeting to host. The meeting got cancelled, lunch was amazing and the baby shower was short and sweet. Life was just like one of those commercials with people running to each other in the fields.

Until I was almost home.

This dumbf**k, decided he could not wait a few seconds and started to cross into my lane as I was barely a car length behind the vehicle in front of me. I laid into the horn and the asswipe keeps moving his f**king car over. Now, I really, really was in a decent mood before this so, against every urge in my system, I wanted more to get hoem to DW than to follow this F**king A**hole into the industrial section to get it on with him. More horn, some gentle suggestions on activities that him and his moma can play together, some sign language in case it was hard to hear me yelling at his stupid ass and then I continued home. The funniest thing about this is that he actually looked stunned that I wanted to rip him several new, but non-functional, orifices.

After some really nice all you can eat sushi, I just HAD to run into this f**king yahoo to ruin my perfect day.


Thursday, April 14, 2005

No physical violence, but by all means, hurl abuse!

Who sang the song "The Bitch is Back"? Anyhow, that should be the theme playing throughout the ACC tomorrow night, when that bitch of all bitches, Vince "Air Canada" Carter, returns to Toronto as the disgruntled, crybaby, QUITTER that he has admitted to being.

Oh yes, we have the shirts, the bobblehead, the calendar and the card; we paid good money so there will be no bonfire. We have our higlight memories and our cherished times. Like any bad marriage though, we also have our venom and we want a piece of VC. Air Canada is the right title for that broken down, not living to potential, less than what it advertises itself to be, loser of a prospect.

Understand, if he said he wanted out, to play for a playoff calibre team, to get a ring before his sorry body gave out, we would understand. But to sit on the bench, bitching and moaning like, well, a little bitch and then come alive after a VERY bad trade gets you out of dodge and into a place that would welcome Damon Stoudamire as a saviour, you have to expect that you pissed off quite a few people.

Now, to compound things (no, not clarify as you said) and to rub salt in the wound, you go on TV and say outright that you di dnot have to play to potential and you did not have to give it your all? And you wonder why your teammates did not want to step up? Why oh why would they compare you to MJ? You neither have his savvy business sense, off-court poise nor his respect of the masses.

On court, you cannot wear the man's shoes. Oh, you can jump, we know you can jump (you did jump ship did you not?), but can you stand your ground? MJ took a charge from Shaq. SHAQ!!!! MJ got slapped by the Detroit bullies. MJ played with a stomach flu bad enough that he could not sit upright, did not drink Gatorade, spewed whatever he ate and drank earlier and had to be INFUSED with fluids at halftime. All of that was during a finals playoff game. But, you would know about that would you quitter? You would have to make it past the first round to experience that. I guess you will NEVER know that feeling.

Welcome home Vince! Bend over, drop trou and take the licks you richly deserve.

SLAM! Sports - Basketball Toronto Raptors - Feel free to give Carter his just boos

What do you believe?

I think you all know full well my stance on the pissants known as molesters. I have to admit that I am still at a lost of the case of Wacko Jacko and these boys he allegedly molested. And, I must say, until all the facts are known (and we really will NEVER know all the facts), no one can truly have an opinion on this.

Again, you just need a decent vision to see the man is a freak, behaves erratically and is not normal. In his defence he has NEVER led a normal life. That alone is not something to convict him with. the words of obviously money hungry people are not enough either. He has alcohol and dirty magazines in his house? Uhm, ok, totally normal. The fact that he cannot have a normal relationship (Lisa Marie Presley is FAR from anything normal) means that he has only his two hands to fall back on (or into as is the case). Don't you think we would have hung him already if the pronogrpahic material was child-related? Damn Skippy.

The thing that I keep going back to is the various so-called witnesses. People don't report orgies, drug parties, tax evasion and illegal aliens. They do not stand by as a grown man gives fellatio to a child in a hallway!!! Give me a %*&^%(*&%*& break people. There is not enough money for me to turn my head and say I saw nothing; I could not do that for an unwarranted beating much less this.

In the following exceprt from the Canoe link of this post, you will notice that the defence lawyer zipped his lip and let the prosecution's witness hang herself with her BS:

During more than four hours of testimony, defence lawyer Thomas Mesereau did not make a single objection. Prosecutor Ron Zonen, however, instructed the witness several times to answer his questions briefly instead of offering lengthy, sometimes off-topic answers.

FOUR HOURS and she is an incoherent mess. She is a welfare fraud artist. She is known to have tried extorting money from other celebrities. Hello?!?! Credible witness my ass!!

I still lay the blame on the parents of all these kids. Don't give me any sorry ass crap about you though your kids were safe. Maybe for the first batch of kids that worked. After the first suspicions, Michael would be sleeping in bed with me before he got a chance at my child. And I assure you, anything funny would have ended up in my own personal touch of surgery.


CANOE -- JAM! Music: Mom of Jackson accuser claims confusion


In one of the most visible examples of crime in the city, Louise Russo was hit by a stray bullet in an attempted hit gone wrong. Finally, after a year, the four men responsible have been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Justice will only be served if these bastards are takinf of the streets so that they cannot be available to try to get it right. Knowing our wussy-assed justice system though, they'll get mostly time served simply waiting to be prosecuted.



Pulse24 - Toronto's News

Blame it on the rain.

As you may have noticed, I changed the template again. Only this time, it is not as drastic a change. I found that the Ochre version of the Minima template was a bit on the darker side still with not enough of the contrast needed to tell what was a link and waht was not. I will enlist the help of MsMittens and Mossy Stone to try and manipulate the existing parameters in the current template. When I get some other more pressing things settled, I will look into moving my blog to something I have more control over the design with. Maybe I can bribe MsMittens to give up a day of riding to play some Halo, eat some BBQ and teach. :)


Every little bit counts!

Once again, the Amber Alert system (named after Amber Hagerman) that is utilized in Canada has worked to help the helpless; a young child.

In this case, it was a six-week old baby girl that was abducted by her mother, former model, Playboy playmate, really bad B-movie actress and mental patient, Lisa Heughan. The abduction, while bad on its own, casts a very bad light on the abilities of the Children's Aid Society to protect the children in its care. You see, the baby was being visited by the mother AT the CAS office and she walked out with the child from there and took off.

Thankfully, this story has had a happy ending as the child was found fairly quickly thanks to the Amber Alert being issued; mom was arrested and charged with abduction.

So, the link in this post will take you to a site I saw on the awful CTV News (I was surfing, leave me alone). The site has code that i hope you will add to your own websites and blogs. It is a ticker tape script that will display current Amber Alerts for all of Canada and it also allows others to get to that site from your ticker.

Finally, if you look in the right column on that site, you will also see that a new addition to the alert system will be starting soon. Alerts can now be sent to you phone, blackberry, email inbox and pda (if so equipped). It may seem like another text nuisance but it is a small price to pay where the reward could literally be the saving of a young life.

I hope you will join me in supporting this effort.

Peace, Love and Happiness to all. - The Web's Amber Alert System

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Woman drops Wendy's finger lawsuit

With thanks to Mossy Stone for this link, I bring you another tale of greed from the sue-happy USA. Ever since that senile old fool, who needed guidance to know to have the good sense NOT to stick a cup of boiling coffee into her...pelvic region, was given millions for her failing faculties, there has been a steady stream of people trying to get money out of hard working restaurant types.

Hmmm, what do we have here? Hair? Rat Droppings? Fingernail? Bottle cap? Pills? Meat? Little toe? Finger?

Come on people. What ever happened to simply dashing out the door and leaving the cheque on the table? It is not enough to get a free meal anymore, you have to make a career out of it? I'm sorry but if they did not make the damn laws so loose and make lawyers so rich and powerful, this would not be happening. Hmm, I think I will have to park what I think about judges and lawyers.

Anyhow, I am all for taking the restaurant to task for screwing up, but let's get some common sense going. What do you think they do at Wendy's anyhow? Have you seen any heavy machinery there? Do you think Dave would allow REAL meat in that chili?

Stop the madness and get some sanity back into the litigation process and stop allowing these psychos ruin things for the rest of us. Yes ma'am, I will have the Spicy Chicken combo and lemonade (unless it is that lite crap, then make it a Sprite), super sized, and DW will have a Mandarin Chicken salad with a Diet Coke, natch! - Woman drops Wendy's finger lawsuit

Council for Biotechnology Information

I saw this lady on Breakfast Television the other morning an it intrigued me. Anything that can help the farmers find a new avenue for sales is a good thing. I honestly have not read through everything, but I think it was worth a post in any case. Let me know what you think.


Council for Biotechnology Information

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

One for the crew in BF Everett!

OK, I am admittedly not an enamoured fan of Coronation Street (since Y&R is THE best soap in the world, PERIOD!!!). I have to say that I totally found this story funny because not only did the wedding of poor old Prince Charles and his second pick get bumped by the unfortunate timing in the death of the Holy Father, but they also lost out to the PRETEND wedding on a soap opera?

I could go into a rant about the death of the monarchy and how the money saved in paying those folks to sit on their ass, hunt quail and feed the dogs food better than their subjects eat could be put to much better use. However, I really do not have the time or energy to do so. I'll put it off for another day.

Actually, that just gave me an idea. I will modify the template so that there is a parking lot in the column. Those of you who teach will know what that means right away. Basically, when the topic drops off target (like this post) or you think of something but cannot deal with it right away, you put it in the parking lot so that you remember to get back to it later, but it allows you to get back on track now. Consider the death of the monarchy parked.


CANOE -- JAM! - Soap wedding beats royal nuptials in ratings

Friday, April 08, 2005

Morning Funnies


A guy is driving around and he sees a sign in front of a house:
"Talking Dog For Sale."

He rings the bell, and the owner tells him the dog is in the backyard.

The guy goes into the backyard and sees a Labrador retriever sitting there.

"You talk?" he asks.

"Yep," the Lab replies.

"So, what's your story?"

The Lab looks up and says, "Well, I discovered that I could talk when I was pretty young, and I wanted to help the government;so I told the CIA about my gift, and in no time at all they had me jetting from country to country, sitting in rooms with spiesand world leaders, because no one figured a dog would be eavesdropping. I was one of their most valuable spies for eight years running. "But the jetting around really tired me out, and I knew I wasn't ! getting any younger so I wanted to settle down. I signed up for a job at the airport to do some undercover security work, mostly wandering near suspicious characters and listening in. I uncovered some incredible dealings and was awarded a batch of medals. I got married, had a mess of puppies, and now I'm just retired."

The guy is amazed. He goes back in and asks the owner what he wants for the dog.

"Ten dollars." The guy says,

"This dog is amazing. Why on earth are you selling him so cheap?"

"Because he's a liar. He didn't do any of that shit."

***Thanks to ChristineS for this funny***

The humanity!

Noooooooooooooooo! Posted by Hello

The return of the morning funnies!

Well, it is a return for the folks that I used to email it out to; it is new to you all, my blogging buds (sounds like a curse phrase).




Taking a wee break from the golf course, Tiger Woods drives his new Mercedes into an Irish gas station.

An attendant greets him in typical Irish manner, unaware who the golf pro is... "Top o' the mornin to ya".

As Tiger gets out of the car, two tees fall out of his pocket.

"So what are those things, laddie?" asks the attendant.

"They're called tees," replies Tiger.

"And what would ya be usin 'em for, now?" inquires the Irishman.

"Well, they're for resting my balls on when I drive," replies Tiger.

"Aw, Jaysus, Mary an' Joseph!" exclaims the Irish attendant. "Those fellas at Mercedes think of everything”

***Thanks to BobH for today's joke***

Thursday, April 07, 2005

So, he was worried about his job??!?!

OK, tell me that something is not screwed up with people in the United States of America and that this guard shot not be brought up on charges and thrown in jail, be treated like a molester and suffer the same.

I DARE you to tell me that!

CANOE -- JAM! - Guard says he saw Jackson molest boy

Today's Idiot! - Ladies First

Well, here we are again Goof Fans, some more prize goofs to ogle at and ridicule.

Let's start with "Baby on Board". Now, I realize that this is a holdover from a different decade, and i realize that it actually has some worth, but (like car alarms) its significance has been so abused over the years that no one pays any attention to it. I have, not today but in the past, seen really ignorant parents with this sign up in or on their vehicles warning people that they should be careful driving AROUND this vehicle. Hmmm, what about the dangers inside the vehicle? What dangers, you ask? Well, on more than one occasion, the parent or parents are SMOKING with the infants in their care seat. Oh, God forbid it be raining or cold outside because, you got it, the windows remain up!!!

Still with BOB, we have the lady in the black Jetta today. If the child needs attention, then pull over and attend to the child. DO NOT, in the middle of rush hour traffic, while you are in motion, turn around to do something to the child's face or arm! Any warmer weather and she will hvae the sporties and cyclists to deal with in addition to today's traffic.

Next on today's list would be the gimp in our parking garage. She drives a red Pontiac POS Grand Prix. The car is obviously too wide for her wide...abilities as she insists on parking so frickin' close to the yellow line that when I deliberately park beside her, she will have to open the windows to get in. She seems to have an aversion to the two large poles to the right of the vehicle. I will let you draw your own conclusions on that note.

I'll throw in a male for balance sake. He is one of many people I have observed in the last day or so that are suicidal. Folks, when crossing the street, how about looking at the traffic coming TOWARDS you before you get to the middle. At THAT point, feel free to look in the other direction at the new traffic coming towards you. All the time, I see folks step off the curb looking at the other side of the street, oblivious to the oncoming traffic. Students are also still stupid about the fact that you are not brave sauntering across the street; you are seriously stupid. Maybe it is like avarian flu or something and they can be given something to compensate.

Finally, today's supreme bright folks. Turning onto Don Mills Road from O'Connor, I end up behind a POS Toyota Corolla. It is piloted by what seems to be a student and her equally dim-witted friend in the passenger seat. Both of them are yapping away and smoking and thinking themselves Paris Hilton, when they really look more like Motel 6 (the one they do not take care of in the hills). I would speculate as to why they need three open boxes of nose tissue on the back deck, but I would be mean and digressing from the story.

So, as anyone who has travelled this route knows, when you come down the hill, you merge with the north offramp and continue around the corner into the south onramp. People tend to merge quickly; these two linger. So, I start to make my move as the car passes on the right and the twit cuts in front of me putting TR right on their bumper. They apparently thought I did them some wrong, even though I signalled before them and was in the lane before they were. So, little miss anti-hottie in the passenger seat decides to salute me. ME?!?!? I think not. So, I return the gesture in kind and decide I will stay behind them until my exit instead of going around them. I also decided against getting out of TR and making their morning by having a 300lb black man pound on their window ask them WTF was their collective Motel 6 (the shabby kind) problem.

Instead, I admittedly rode a bit closer than I normally would, but hey, it IS rush hour and there is no room for not tailgating as any such room is quickly filled by someone trying to get there faster. Well, the Dried-Powder Puff duo decides that I was tailgating and even had the nerve to point to the well-adjusted sign above that said not to perform such a heinous act. My emotionless, sunglassed visage just ignored them.

Now, fixated on the large truck and the larg black man in said truck tailgating them, dumbass number one starts turning around to look at TR. Uhm, girlie, the lane you are now sliding into alreayd contains a car. If you studied school as much as that cancer stick in your face, you would realize that matter cannot occupy the same time/space as other matter. Bad things tend to happen when one attempts to circumvent the law. Dumbass does pull back in time, several times, but continues to be obsessed with my truck. She even tries the old step on the brakes real fast trick; doesn't work with a 4x4, anti-slip and ABS though. Next! Oh, let's drive slower than the other lanes so he'll go around; sister, I have all day and I am enjoying my tunes.

Here's an idea, beeyatch!, how about you learn the rules of the road, then apply them to the actual road and you would not get yourself in trouble. I am sure both your trailer trash mothers are proud. Maybe they have a part for you on Trailer Park Boys. Naaah, I think they have standards on that fine show and even in pretend land there is nothing as skanky as you two. Bon Voyage, Bitches!


Monday, April 04, 2005

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Known hiring practices of many an HR department. Posted by Hello

Today's Haikus

Promote pure drivel.
These letters must mean something,
in Bizarro world!

I am important.
Certificates say I am.
Surely, they don't lie.

Reality bites.
Please do not tell me the truth.
Continue to dream.

Some people, have no reason...

So, Dilbert is well known for illustrating the various situations and strife that a lot of us experience in our everyday work life. I think I need to buy a few of his books, get permission to republish them, and then I will be able to storybook my last year at work. Barring that, I will simply have to take care to illustrate things in VERY broad scenarios and visions. :)

Now, as a lot of folks know, my pet peeve in life is ignorance. I hate all forms of it though I can deal with the true version, lack of knowledge, by teaching (which I love to do). There are those that hae great difficulty in learning lessons. These people sometimes provide the most fun in my life. As a professional SD, I take great pleasure in tweaking this group of poor saps. Another great pet peeve is those folks who believe that their self-importance is greater than others and seem to want to ensure that others understand that.

Know what's important? Whatever happens to be important. Ask someone with a clue and they could tell you exactly what that is. Ask someone clueless and they will ramble on about something concerning them that they actually believe is important but everyone around them knows is not.

Now, I dare not generalize about a certain group but suffice it to say that in these modern times of ours, SOME folks are far too concerned about the little letters following their name than about the work that needs to be done! Personally, I am more concerned about the work and could give a flying fig about the little letters. I realize that the little letters are important (especially to salary) but I also realize that there is more to it than that. I am all for people attaining certifications and titles and positions, but I rail against that machine that turns these same people into newly minted anal orifices bent on proving their superiority to people who are clearly superior to themselves.

Now, you may think I am embittered because of a current or recent past boss. You would be wrong in that aspect since I have lucked out the last four jobs I have had (mainly because three were managed by the same person in three different companies) and worked with some very cool people (including the present group). No, I am not so much concerned about myself as I am about others that are not so fortunate as myself. I am concerned about those oppressed by micromanaging, meglomaniacal, self-important, clueless nad jobs that happen to have a title and/or some letters after their name. Hopefully, one day, someone will see these people for what they are truly of good use for; anchoring boats.


Today's Idiot!

What is it about the warmer weather that brings out the asswipes in droves? Today, while approaching an intersection, this goofball in a Chrysler PT Cruiser (which the DW absolutely loathes) decides that whipping out of the Shell gas station in front of DR and other vehciles, across our lanes and turning up into the opposite direction was a smart move. Seeing as most people look to go and get their Tune-ups (including brakes) in the Spring after all the heavy work in the winter, this is especially ASS-inine to attempt on roads with melting snow. Goof!

Let's consider the idiot cousin to the above that thinks, yet again, turning on a red, in front of oncoming traffic, when one does NOT have the right of way, would be a bright idea. What is so seriously wrong with these people?? I tell you, I am a proponent of the idea that there should be mandatory testing of people eery five years to ensure that their skills on the road matches the vehicle with which they intend to operate on said road.

Take, for instance, this wisp of a lady I saw the other day on the way to work. WHY, oh WHY are folks being sold (and the idiots are buying) cars, minivans and trucks that they really need a phone book and foot blocks to operate?? They cannot adjust the seat any further, they cannot move the sterring wheel anymore, the mirrors do not cover the proper angles, they cannot see to backup the vehicle without standing through the sunroof and they do not have a hope in hell of getting a proper line looking over a hood (bonnet) that they could fit two of themselves into. And this is not just women, it is stupid men as well. Honestly, screw freedom. I want to be protected from the goof that will switch lanes and not see me because the door sill is blocking his or her view. The vehicle should never have been ALLOWED to be sold to them in the first place. It is a safety hazard and people should almost be fitted to drive a vehicle like you do a bicycle. Cannot reach the pedal? Tough, this ride is not for you.


A new way of doing things.

Hello folks, just wistful me again. After I finished the previous post, DW asks me what is wrong. I sigh and reply, "Nothing" to which she rightfully responds "Liar." I admit there may be something but she can read it in my blog. Now, I know you are immediately thinking this is strange, right? True, except that there is a simple reason I said that; i was needling her for picking another blog to religiously read besides mine.

Yes folks, I have lost DW to the witty reparte of Idol Rant. I apparently am not as interesting as the sly cuts, the vicious rumours and the sexual fantasies of these two watchers of all things Idol. Maybe it is time to rummage in the basement for the old pair of parachute pants and break into song?

Nah, I am not sure I love her THAT much. ;-)


They say...

... when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Ok, so what happens if you go to make lemonade and there is no sugar, and the water is dirty and the lemons are the sourest on the planet? Alright, I am a bit whiny today. I guess it is the fallout of looking back and realizing just where one went wrong to arrive at one's current location. I hate to complain because I am the first to admit that it has been a good ride, a wild one at times but one with more ups than downs. My only regret I guess is a failure to priortize properly and to recognize that certain things had less significance than I gave them.

Ah well, woe is me. In the meantime, I ave to find a way to right the good ship with the DW and to sail on off into the sunset without taking on too much more water.

This is life eh? Well, right now it kinda sucks lemons.