Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Birthday Wish

My man Mossy has a birthday today so we wish him a happy one, a peaceful one and a fruitful one. And if he cannot have any of those, then we wish him the ability to wreak havoc on whatever is stopping him from doing so!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dang Canadian teams!

So, last night everyone lost. The Jays lost 6-4, not that it really matters. I will be a bandwagon jumper on that one. The Calagary Flames got knocked off 5-3 and are now out of the playoffs. I was really hoping Jerome Inginla and the crew would be able to pull it off against the Sharks but it was not the Kipper's best game and they could not claw their way back into it. And then there is the Toronto Raptors who, if they could simply f**king remember what the paint was, would have won their second game against Orlando and tied the series up. Nope, as in past years, laziness, settling for the outside jumper and not attacking the basket means we need to win the next four out of five to advance. Not impossible but we love to make things harder for ourselves than need be.

Other notable games last night had the hated Philadelphia Flyers advancing past Ovechkin and the Capitals. I really hate the Flyers and I super hate the GM, Bobby Clarke. I hope Les Habitants can allow me to finally say this season, "F**K You Bobby Clarke!" Also on the losing end was the Pheonix Suns once again to the Spurs. I like Manu and Parker and even Duncan but as a whole, I can do without seeing San Antonio in the playoffs. I hope Nash and Shaq and the crew can get it together, cowboy up and get the job done finally. Dallas once again was made to bend over and lube up for Paul's New Orleans Hornets. That's one of those beatings where the parents invite people over for food and drinks while they retell the story of how they dished out the licks to you. Cuban has to be super pissed.

Games of note this week include Montreal versus Philadephia, Toronto versus Orlando, Lakers versus Nuggets, Celtics versus Hawks and King James' Cavs in action.


Friday, April 18, 2008

An interesting look at a growing problem.

Not everything in the world is evil.

Would I have done the same if I could have?

I would have to say I probably would not have but as time wore on, I definitely could see myself snapping and doing it. The "it" would be to jump on YouTube or some other viral video site and say what I really want to be said about my ex-wife. The only reason I ever back screaming from the rooftops about the horrible person and mother she is was that it would hurt my daughter. In the end, not outing her may have hurt TC more than anything. Anyhow, in the grand scheme of things, I think that this woman hurt her case and is now going to be perceived as some kind of whack job and vindictive person. In the end, because she did not show some modicrum of control, people will distance themselves from her except for those in her innermost circle. And you have to wonder if there is anyone left in that circle if she had to resort to this public display instead of talking to them. It doesn't affect us directly so like anything else, we can laugh and revel in someone else' pain and thank the stars it is not happening to you.

Who knows, maybe she will land a part now for her terrific performance seeing as she was unknown until now.


YouTube divorce rant has experts talking - TODAY: People -

A little cultural sharing: Passover

As a lay Roman Catholic, I can still recite parts of the mass from memory, I can tell you about the sacraments and I can explain why certain things are as they are. As the husband of a Jewish woman, I cannot tell you a whole lot because I am still a student of the religion (and I use religion loosely as it certainly is in essence much more an identity than a religion, but that is for another post). My first seder experience was in high school in a well-intended but very poorly executed experiment during religion class where real wine was served to a naughty bunch of teenagers. Oy! Suffice it to say that it was the first and the last time it was attempted, there was many a reprimand handed out, the cleanup was long and the teacher was devastated. Fast forward to my first seder with my in-laws and the atmosphere was much more serious in nature but only so much so as to recognize that it was an important time. My in-laws are not orthodox or conservative but more laid-back reform. They do not keep kosher or adhere strictly to a number of the rules that typically Jewish people identify themselves with. That said, as I intoned earlier, the "identity" of being Jewish is very strong in this family and I fully respect that.

During that first meal, which was my wife's immediate family plus one of our favourite cousin's (RC), I had my brother-in-law cracking jokes in my ear that no one else could hear except for me, RC, DW and the odd time, the older brother who is a bit more serious than the other two. My BIL would say after a passage that described how God did something for the people, "Because we are the chosen people and just better than everyone else" and other silly things. It wasn't done in a malicious or self-righteous way but rather in a self-mocking playful way that had me, him and our cousin snickering so much we were often reprimanded by my other BIL, my MIL and my wife. All in all, like many a celebration in any other religion, Passover brings friends and family together again during the year to share in each other's lives. There can never be enough of those times.


Passover 101: What you need to know - TODAY: Food & Wine -

It has peanut butter as an ingredient. What more needs to be said?

If you like wine, then this is for you.

I've used boxed wines going back many years. The first one I bought was a white wine in a 4 litre bag in a box. The convenience of being able to have some wine without the pressure of having to finish of the bottle so as to not waste it was a huge benefit. Just open the fridge, press open the spigot and enjoy. Anyone that tells you that boxed or tetra-packed wine does not taste good has never actually bought it. If you are still skeptical, go and get the smallest size, a 250ml (otherwise known to some of my friends as a glass warmer), and try it for yourself. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


Battle of the wines: Boxed vs. bottled - Wine -

Some decent information, though very high level, on buying a digital TV.

I certainly don't see what the debate is about.

any regular reader of this blog knows my stance on the death penalty, but let me say it again: I am for it when there is zero doubt about the guilt of the person involved and the seriousness of the crime. For this article specifically, it really is a no-brainer. By the very parameters, a child CANNOT give consent to have sex with an adult. Sure there is that gray area where older children are "convinced" that they know what they are doing and may agree to the act (especially with someone of the same age range). However, when a man or woman who is an adult preys upon someone who has yet to even formulate what the concept of sexual intercourse is, then it is a black and white case to me. That "person" needs to die and have that defective gene pool prevented from replicating. And generally, with DNA testing, the evidence will speak for itself. No plea bargains. No mercy rulings. Simple, quick, absolute. If there is any leeway, any way for the sick pervert to weasel out of the sentence, then there is no true deterrent to the crime. If, however, the sick pervert knows for a fact that when caught he or she will be put to death in short order, AND they see this sentence being carried out without prejudice and routinely, then it will actually make a few of them think it may not be such a good idea to risk my life to satisfy an urge. For the rest of them that cannot resist, they will get what is coming to them.


Death for those who rape children? - Crime & courts-

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today's Funny

Submitted by Famine.

Q. How can you prove that a dog is a mans best friend?

A. Take a dog and your wife. On a hot July day lock both of them in the
trunk of your car. Walk away for 3 hours.

Come back, open the trunk, and see which one thanks you.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maybe the table was cheating on the first guy with this one?

Another helpful article to help choose the right power supply.

Add a component and not sure your system can handle it?

I found this calculator online and it will give you a rough estimate on whether or not that old standard in your PC case is up to snuff. One word of advice is to bypass the bargain bin units (i.e. 500 watts for $25) unless you are giving away the system or using it for testing duties. If you want a rock solid, reliable and stable system, then fork out the extra cash for a brand name, tested and proven unit from folks like OCZ, Antec, PC Power and Cooling and Thermaltake.

Journey Systems Power Supply Calculator

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today's Funny

Submitted by Redsometimes

Three women: one engaged, one married, and one a mistress, are chatting about their relationships and decide to amaze their men....that night all three will wear a sexy leather bodice, stilettos and mask over their eyes...

After a few days they meet again........

The engaged girlfriend said: 'the other night, when my boyfriend came back home, he found me in the leather bodice, 4" stilettos and mask. He said, you are the woman of my life, I love you...then we made love all night long.

The mistress stated: 'Oh Yes! The other night we met in the office. I was wearing the leather bodice, mega stilettos, mask over my eyes and a raincoat. When I opened the raincoat, he didn't say a word. We just had wild sex all night.'

The married one then said: 'The other night I sent the kids to stay at my mothers for the night; I got myself ready, leather bodice, and super stilettos and mask over my eyes. My husband came in from work, grabbed the TV controller and a beer, and said, 'Hey Batman, what's for dinner?'

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Yeah, I said it!!

I am sure that every area has a particular group (ethnic, religious, economically common, etc.) that is predominant as similarities attract. So, I am sure this post will be understood for its intent and the point it is trying to make.

I have lived on and off in the Scarborough area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada for over 27 years. I look at places around town now and don't recognize them because when I went by as a youth, they were still working farm lands. Scarborough is the largest multicultural section of Toronto as a whole. You will not find a larger hodge podge of countries, religions and races living together anywhere else in the world.

Yet, with all of that, we STILL experience the great flaw of such a mixture: F**KING BAD DRIVERS!!!

I work in Markham and travel through there and Scarborough on my way home to Ajax. The predominant mixture in my daily travel consists of Asian; east and south. Yesterday evening, I could have killed one of each equally. It is supposedly different now but at one time, when i got my license back in the 80's, it was widely known that perfectly English speaking people would suddenly go language dumb when they went in to get tested because they then would get a tester of their own language. This tester more times than not allowed the testes (Yes, I said it!) to buy their license. Anyone who has driven with me and marveled at my parking or passing skill would hear me utter, "I didn't buy my license" and this would be where it comes from.

So, why, WHY???, in 2008 am I still facing people who obviously bought their license because their is no f**king way they earned it?? Road kill target number one is an Oriental man (YES, I said it!) who insists on doing 40km/h in a 60 zone going south on Brimley Road from Steeles. He is holding up the entire lane behind him as everyone jockeys to get into the left lane to go around his stupid ass. Is he eating? No. Talking on the phone? No. How about reading something, like a map? Nope. This asshole is checking out his SJ MF hair in the rear view mirror AFTER having taken off his jacket or sweater while rolling down the road. I've changed clothes (I used to do courier work) but I had the sense to keep up with traffic. So, we all end up going around him over the next kilometre as my boy is chillaxin' sideways in the driver's seat. F**K ME.

So, we leave his ass there, hit Fahmee's for some coco bread and a jerk pork in a coco bread. Note: if you have to ask, go find yourself some Jamaican or Trini friends for gawd's sake!! I come out from that area and continue heading south on Brimley, safe in the knowledge that buddy has probably passed by this time. I proceed through the intersection at Finch, keeping an eye on what I think is a large Bucik sedan as I see the person (obviously too short to drive this behemoth since you can barely see his/her head above the seat) riding the line. Wouldn't you know it that as we cross Finch, this Brampton Beeyotch (YES, I said it!) starts to cross over into my lane towards the ROO?? I lay on the horn and she pulls the vehicle back. As I pass to give her the evil eyes, I spy that she has a baby seat in the back, two hands on the wheel and the stupidest look on her face. F**K ME!! Look, buy whatever the frickin' vehicle you want; it is your money. However, don't blame the car, the traffic or anything else when you cannot control the vehicle because you either are not properly equipped to handle it or you shouldn't be on the gawddamn road in the first place!!!

Stop buying SJ licenses for these SJ people!!! (Ask my LB what SJ stands for)

I don't want to do it but one of these days, these asshole people are going to do the stupid stuff in front of me when I simply cannot stop safely. If I am in the Roo, there will be much damage and not to me as I will hit the accelerator, NOT the brakes. Sonofabitch!! Simple rules of the road people, stay with traffic speed, stay in your lane, stay awake and stay out of my SJ MF way.

And before you start bitching about my singling out a particular group, understand why I prefaced this tale with the layout of where I am driving. I am sure I can do a blurb about the Gino boys in little Italy (as they cannot f**king drive either) or the old ass, barely seeing folks in the affluent neighbourhoods of Rosedale or Forest Hill. My point is that the race, creed, religion, etc. of a person does not and should not matter. Every culture in the world have people that can drive and people that cannot. Over there, those who cannot drive tend to die in car accidents. Over here, those same people tend to kill those of us who can drive. I simply want more of the cannots to learn to be cans. :)


Today's funny

Submitted by DW by way of PS.

A Jewish grandmother and her grandson are at the beach.

He's playing in the water, she is standing on the shore not wanting to get her feet wet when all of a sudden, a huge wave appears from nowhere and crashes directly onto the spot where the boy is wading.

The water recedes and the boy is no longer there, he was swept away.

The grandma holds her hands to the sky, screams and cries:

"Lord, my GOD, how could you?

Haven't I been a wonderful grandmother?

Haven't I been a wonderful mother?

Haven't I kept a kosher home?

Haven't I given to charity?

Haven't I lit candles every Friday night?

Haven't I tried my very best to live a life that you would be proud of?"

A voice booms from the sky, "All right already!"

A moment later another huge wave appears out of no where and crashes on the beach. As the water recedes, the boy is standing there. He is smiling and splashing around as if nothing had ever happened.

The voice booms again. "I have returned your grandson. Are you satisfied?"

She responds, "He had a hat."

To err is human, to forgive - highly unlikely.