Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Yeah, I said it!!

I am sure that every area has a particular group (ethnic, religious, economically common, etc.) that is predominant as similarities attract. So, I am sure this post will be understood for its intent and the point it is trying to make.

I have lived on and off in the Scarborough area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada for over 27 years. I look at places around town now and don't recognize them because when I went by as a youth, they were still working farm lands. Scarborough is the largest multicultural section of Toronto as a whole. You will not find a larger hodge podge of countries, religions and races living together anywhere else in the world.

Yet, with all of that, we STILL experience the great flaw of such a mixture: F**KING BAD DRIVERS!!!

I work in Markham and travel through there and Scarborough on my way home to Ajax. The predominant mixture in my daily travel consists of Asian; east and south. Yesterday evening, I could have killed one of each equally. It is supposedly different now but at one time, when i got my license back in the 80's, it was widely known that perfectly English speaking people would suddenly go language dumb when they went in to get tested because they then would get a tester of their own language. This tester more times than not allowed the testes (Yes, I said it!) to buy their license. Anyone who has driven with me and marveled at my parking or passing skill would hear me utter, "I didn't buy my license" and this would be where it comes from.

So, why, WHY???, in 2008 am I still facing people who obviously bought their license because their is no f**king way they earned it?? Road kill target number one is an Oriental man (YES, I said it!) who insists on doing 40km/h in a 60 zone going south on Brimley Road from Steeles. He is holding up the entire lane behind him as everyone jockeys to get into the left lane to go around his stupid ass. Is he eating? No. Talking on the phone? No. How about reading something, like a map? Nope. This asshole is checking out his SJ MF hair in the rear view mirror AFTER having taken off his jacket or sweater while rolling down the road. I've changed clothes (I used to do courier work) but I had the sense to keep up with traffic. So, we all end up going around him over the next kilometre as my boy is chillaxin' sideways in the driver's seat. F**K ME.

So, we leave his ass there, hit Fahmee's for some coco bread and a jerk pork in a coco bread. Note: if you have to ask, go find yourself some Jamaican or Trini friends for gawd's sake!! I come out from that area and continue heading south on Brimley, safe in the knowledge that buddy has probably passed by this time. I proceed through the intersection at Finch, keeping an eye on what I think is a large Bucik sedan as I see the person (obviously too short to drive this behemoth since you can barely see his/her head above the seat) riding the line. Wouldn't you know it that as we cross Finch, this Brampton Beeyotch (YES, I said it!) starts to cross over into my lane towards the ROO?? I lay on the horn and she pulls the vehicle back. As I pass to give her the evil eyes, I spy that she has a baby seat in the back, two hands on the wheel and the stupidest look on her face. F**K ME!! Look, buy whatever the frickin' vehicle you want; it is your money. However, don't blame the car, the traffic or anything else when you cannot control the vehicle because you either are not properly equipped to handle it or you shouldn't be on the gawddamn road in the first place!!!

Stop buying SJ licenses for these SJ people!!! (Ask my LB what SJ stands for)

I don't want to do it but one of these days, these asshole people are going to do the stupid stuff in front of me when I simply cannot stop safely. If I am in the Roo, there will be much damage and not to me as I will hit the accelerator, NOT the brakes. Sonofabitch!! Simple rules of the road people, stay with traffic speed, stay in your lane, stay awake and stay out of my SJ MF way.

And before you start bitching about my singling out a particular group, understand why I prefaced this tale with the layout of where I am driving. I am sure I can do a blurb about the Gino boys in little Italy (as they cannot f**king drive either) or the old ass, barely seeing folks in the affluent neighbourhoods of Rosedale or Forest Hill. My point is that the race, creed, religion, etc. of a person does not and should not matter. Every culture in the world have people that can drive and people that cannot. Over there, those who cannot drive tend to die in car accidents. Over here, those same people tend to kill those of us who can drive. I simply want more of the cannots to learn to be cans. :)


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