Friday, April 18, 2008

Would I have done the same if I could have?

I would have to say I probably would not have but as time wore on, I definitely could see myself snapping and doing it. The "it" would be to jump on YouTube or some other viral video site and say what I really want to be said about my ex-wife. The only reason I ever back screaming from the rooftops about the horrible person and mother she is was that it would hurt my daughter. In the end, not outing her may have hurt TC more than anything. Anyhow, in the grand scheme of things, I think that this woman hurt her case and is now going to be perceived as some kind of whack job and vindictive person. In the end, because she did not show some modicrum of control, people will distance themselves from her except for those in her innermost circle. And you have to wonder if there is anyone left in that circle if she had to resort to this public display instead of talking to them. It doesn't affect us directly so like anything else, we can laugh and revel in someone else' pain and thank the stars it is not happening to you.

Who knows, maybe she will land a part now for her terrific performance seeing as she was unknown until now.


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