Monday, February 28, 2005

CANOE -- CNEWS - Weird News: Kraft halts production of controversial roadkill-shaped candy

OK, is the very definition of "roadkill" not denote some unfortunate schmuck of an animal that was too laden by nature's instinct (or just too stupid) to move out of the road before meeting its demise under the wheels and bumper of an oncoming vehicle?

Political Correctness is out of hand and needs to be halted. I am doing my part to do so.

Mmmmmm, roadkill. Tastes like chicken (sometimes).

CANOE -- CNEWS - Weird News: Kraft halts production of controversial roadkill-shaped candy

Friday, February 25, 2005

Not the same, that's for sure

Ok, I found this site like I do most of the interesting ones I post; by accident. It does work as I have tested it. Basically, you can watch a show or movie, via a stream, from this site for free. Neat concept. Broadband users with a clean circuit need only apply. Oh yeah, one more thing; the site is not in English so some creative navigating is necessary. What's life without its challenges?

ITV - streaming video

ITV - Homepage

Interesting page this one. Sort of like a TVGuide type site. Check it out.

ITV - Homepage

YouSendIt | Email large files quickly, securely, and easily!

As we all know, internal support groups LOATHE when you send multiple people large files of, er, uhm, "sensitive" documents and other, er, work-related paraphenelia. Ahem.

Anyhow, for those crappy email systems that limit how large these files can be to paltry levels (2MB? Barely gets my Alyssa Milano pictures across), this is one free solution to the problem. As their tagline states:

YouSendIt is easy, fast, secure, safe, and lets you send large files.


YouSendIt | Email large files quickly, securely, and easily!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Very cool site for the geek inclined

Pocket protectors are neither needed nor warranted. Just check it out and join up if you have as much to offer as you want in return.


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

No wonder they refer to us as a backwater planet!

Things you wanted to know about syslog, but was afraid to ask.

Today's Haiku

Your hard disc has died
Look at this empty vessel
It once held so much

Today's Idiot

Well, today, to prove that I can take as much as I give, we have a bit of a twist. Today, I will (as Ben Stein would say) take on the guise of a lowly contender and become a common idiot.

To the point, even though I posted yesterday something titled "Lessons Learned" I still lost an (admittedly-biased) incredible post that I worked on for some time. My laptop is behaving funny and I have to hit links twice to get it to go sometimes. I tried cleaning off spyware and viruses but there is nothing to clean. I told the wife that I would do a select all and copy BEFORE I hit publish. In the heat of the moment though, triumphant that I had finished my best and most controversial post yet, I hit publish. It said it completed. Then there was an error. Then my world fell apart as two hours of work disappeared.


Anyhow, as I write this, I am reliving my learned lessons and will be selecting all and copying before I do anything else to the post. I will attempt to search my brain again for the inspiration that hit me last night and will attempt to recreate that magical moment for you. Hopefully, it will seem just as brilliant to you all for the first time. Unfortunately for me, I will have a sense of loss for the brilliance that disappeared on an errant mouse click.


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hell House: a Documentary Film

I love Kevin Smith's Dogma because it is not only super funny (if you get all the references and jokes, if not consult your bible), but it is thought provoking in the way that it challenges the blindly excepted parts of faith (which, I know, is in essence needed to be blind and on and on we go in circles). Anyhow, that was funny; this is not.

If ever I have to wonder why I am a non-practicing Roman Catholic/Christian, it is examples like this film. I've always joked that the Inquisition is my favourite time period (Mel Brooks is at fault, loved the nuns), but to see it in real life is unsettling. I saw clips of this and I want to see the movie so I can stay the hell away from these people the next time I am stateside.

Hell House a Documentary Film

A Trifecta of Idiots!

Today I am cheating a bit as one of the three idiots I am talking about is actually from yesterday. In any case, enjoy the stories culled from the remnants of my fragmented mind.

Contender #1: When you think of the three movies, Old Yellar, Bambi, and Finding Nemo, what is the common thread? Yep, some animal bites the dust; in order, that would be a dog (golden retriever?), a doe (mmmmm, deer) and a clown fish. Well yesterday, I nearly added to that list thanks to a careless owner. As everyone knows, we had a nice dumping of snow around the T-dot. Some call it skiing weather, but I call it Roo weather. The Roo and I were out, headed to Crappy Tire to replenish salt supplies. Up the side street we go, watching carefully for goofs on snow when all of a sudden, a small brown thing darts from a driveway that is obscured by two large mounds of snow. It is an untethered dog that the idiot yute owner allowed to run free. I have to slam on the brakes, engaging the ABS, and steer away from the dog to save it from becoming another chalk mark on steel. The dumbass yute stands there waving as I continue on my way once he called back Old Lucky-As-Hell-It-Is-Not-A-Snow-Cone onto the driveway. Goof.

Contender #2: The second idiot of today's post is one of those people that are ALWAYS in a greater hurry to get where they are going than anyone else on the road. Too bad for him that he met up with someone that manufactures ignorance as a hobby. So dumbdumb is weaving back and forth and zig-zagging behind us as he tries to determine when a hole opens up in the TSC (Time Space Continuum, for you uninformed) that is big enough for his vehicle to pass through. However, since he had me up front, that opportunity kept disappearing faster than a Ferengi wormhole as I sped up or slowed down just enough to screw him up. I did this from Sheppard to Steeles just for fun. Goof.

Contender #3: This one, had the conclusion been different, could have ended very badly; not for me but for whatever was left when I rolled over it. I was on the way to the Compound this morning when this East Indian buttmunch and his wife decided that the little red octagon had no meaning and it was okay to roll right through it into the path of the Roo on a winter day with damp roads. Now, since they recently completed some road tests and the speed traps have returned, yours truly was being good and traveling the speed limit of 60km/h (like I always do). Had I not been doing so, this blog would have a very different tone as I would have been super pissed that cutting through their plasticised POS Honda would probably have left marks on the old Roo bar. And just where was super twit headed to that he had to perform this suicidal maneuver that caused me to slam on my brakes and lean so hard on the horn I think I may have dented it? To a street or driveway not fifty feet from where him and his wife nearly met their end. What the hell is wrong with people today?!?!? I swear there must be a Darwin bug floating around that keeps putting this defective gene pool in the line of fire. I say fine, I'll take that job. Just give me the time and means (read lottery winnings) to perform the task properly.

To properly perform this task, I will of course need a better purpose and bigger ride. I think when the wife and I go to the Auto Show on Saturday, I will look into getting one in either RED or Yellow/Black/Silver. :)


EDITOR's NOTE: OK, the Trifecta turned into a, er, uhm, quintefecta; whatever. Anyhow, first we have the bright blonde that decided the thing to do was to make one of those illegal right turns against the red that I wail about all the time, while a much large vehicle than her POS Acura rolled down a hill with the right of way, towards her. She is VERY lucky that a vehicle was not to my left at the time.

The second two bright children are typical of what you see everywhere; TTC riders trying to get home. The problem with that is that in order to do so, they have to cross traffic. No issues there right? Well, since vehicles take longer to stop, especially in the winter, it is not very wise to try to race, perpendicular to the moving hunk of metal, in the dark, wearing long dark clothing that restrict the movement of your already stubby legs! There outta be a law! Oh wait, there are several!!

Lessons learned.

OK, I am a neophyte on all thing html and such. I am also new to blogging. That said, it is no less frustrating when you write out a brilliant post to see it go up in the ether when your browser does funny things. I cannt fully blame the browser as I am sure it was operating correctly. It just super sucks as I waxed poetic and lost everything; twice!

Sigh, I am sucking down Iced Tea in the hopes of a sugary charge to jog my memory. Stay tuned.

What gives Gates nightmares?

Anyone that has held an iPod, wants an iPod. It really is the best of the breed, regardless of the slight shortcomings (no built in flash slot, no removeable battery system, no built-inm voice recorder and no fm tuner). It plays MP3s the best, can be used as a mobile hard drive, has the BEST interface period and the best looking casing. Add it all up, plus the necessary accessories and it can be a pretty penny. That said, in this case, it is you get what you pay for. And these folks seem to agree that the price, and hassle, is worth it.

iPod plague on Redmond campus irks Microsoft management - CD

Today's Haiku

A kernel panic
Soon the grey curtain will fall
Now you must reboot

Dangerous Ground

I initially was going to joke around and start with saying that I was going to try to have a similar contract written up for me and the wife. After reading some of the other stuff I have run across, I hereby pre-apologize for allowing such stupidity to enter my brain. Please honey, don't enter me in the list. :)

Scarlet Letters: The Polyamory Contract

Scarlet Letters: The Polyamory Contract

Don't worry, I already checked all your names.

I was afraid that posting this link to the site might make a few gents nervous due to past transgressions. So, as a public service to my loyal male following, I checked all your names first and everyone, including myself, came up clean. It is still an interesting read though and a much better concept that those stupid books.

The caveat, of course, is that you leave yourself open to the whims of a pissed off woman. Let me tell you, hell does have no fury liek a woman scorned. So, I would take any ratings with a grain of salt. Multiple negative ratings from different women about the same guy and you definitely want to avoid him like the plague or risk ending up on a Springer show explaining why you are still with him after he slept with you, your sisters, your mother and your cousin, while laying dibs on daddy dearest.


OMIGAWD, have those people down south got time on their hands.

I know, I know. I blog regularly and I have nerve to talk.

Seriously though, if it was available, would you really have plunked down hard earned cash to read this drivel? I mean, seriously. Could a book tell you that the person you are with is so insecure that they would get one of your best friends to spy on you at a class party? Could a book tell you that a girl's father would be the nuttiest person in the world? Could a book tell you that early on in a relationship that the girl would get enraged and slap perfectly good KFC out of your hands?

If you are tired of nice, soft, 3-ply Royalle and would like something a bit more "rugged" to wipe your ass with, by all means buy these books. Otherwise, stick with the tried and true method; experience life and learn from your mistakes.


The Girlfriend Test

The Boyfriend Test


Everyone, this is our daughter. She would be the one with the wacky hair in the top left of the picture. The picture was taken at The Putting Edge, where we went with this group of friends (my Goddaughter, Samantha, is second from the left on the front row) for Ti-Ana's 13th birthday.

However, her birthday is not what the congratulations are for. Yesterday, she called to say that she was accepted (with a $75 entrance fee?!?!?) to the high school of her choice; Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School. There are many reasons to be happy about this. One, she got into the school of her choice. Anyone with a daughter out there KNOWS that this is a much more desirable situation than dealing with a teenager who did not get accepted into the school or program or team or clique of choice. Secondly, it makes planning for next year a whole lot easier. Well, not easier on the pocketbook what with books, supplies, uniforms, trips, extras, etc.

But, the number one reason that we are soooooo happy she got into ND? No Boys! Oh sure, there are boys down at that nasty all boys school called Neil McNeil, but after the stories I'd tell about those losers who'd asses we kicked all the time in sports, there would be no doubt that none of them would ever be acceptable to bring into our presence. None of them would pass... THE TEST.

Speaking of tests, after many requests, I have finally located the two versions of the rules for dating my daughter.

The Ten Rules For Dating My Daughter

and the original work it was derived from, the basis of the John Ritter hit,

The Eight Simple Rules For Dating My Daughter.

I'll include this contract/permission to date my daughter, though it has some politically incorrect wording. There are other modified versions out there. Just GOOGLE it!

 Posted by Hello

OK, a quick preview of things to come...

There will be jokes, commentary, controversy and more in the next few blogs ahead. I will try to keep the language toned down to a minimum but you are warned that sometimes there is no other way of putting things and an expletive will slip out. :)

Anyhow, like I said, the next 48 hrs is going to be a busy posting session to watch out and be ready.

Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Widgets here, get yourself some widgets!

OK, the concept is not exactly knew, nor is it rocket science. It is, however, one of the coolest things to play around with. Basically, as I understand it, the Konfabulator is a platform on which the various widgets run. Essentially mini-apps within a large app performing very specific duties in a small coded frame. There is an abundance of different widgets available and the best thing is that they are all free.

Get the weather, a game of MahJongg, rotating traffic cams on the 401, laptop battery status, an analog clockface and more all right on your desktop. They can always sit on top or sit in the background, and the opacity levels can be adjusted as well so that they do not intrude on your real work.

I have been running it for a couple of weeks now and it has yet to crash my system even though I immediately threw on a dozen or so widgets to run at once. Give it a try and see.


Editor's NOTE: I did a bad thing, and a common mistake amongst the general populace. I referred to the Konfabulator and the widgets as being free. They are in fact shareware, and should you get great use out of the product, it is a small price of $25 to buy it and support the developers. It helps them pay the bills and continue to code excellent products. I'll be posting another great site of useful programs shortly.


Damn you, Dave!

It has been a very long time since snow was high enough to block my doorway. In fact, it was in the late seventies that it last happened to a residence I resided in. Today, there was enough snow that the screen door actually had to push it out of the way in order for someone to get out of the house.

I know, I know. It is the middle of February, it is still winter, I should expect it. And I do, I just really hate the cold that is accompanying the snow these days. Back in my day, it was fun to go outside and into the snow and play for hours before being hauled in for supper. We'd then stand our ice encrusted mitts and boots over the vent in the hopes that they dried by the morning for school.

Now, me and my old ass, hope that the Roo's starter stays operational in these constant sub-zero temperatures so that the vehicle is warm, toasty inside and semi-defrosted before I head out into the tundra.

If I skied (and was taught like a certain SOB promised to do many moons ago), I may look upon this boon of white in a better light and with favourable aspirations of being outside to enjoy. For the moment, I am, just another Scarborough native, looking at the plow pile in front my driveway, seeking revenge.

Friday's Idiot

This cartoon is representative of Friday's idiot. Posted by Hello

OK, so I am on the way to work on Friday, and the idiot of the day turns out to be a city worker; and yes, ladies, HE was doing something stupid. This was a Markham Transit bus driver, who, like so many others, decided the bright red lit thingy (otherwise known as a stoplight) in front of him meant, "See if you can make it!"

So, this goof, BAB (Big Ass Bus) and all, simply popped out of the side street, made a very wide right almost into the oncoming lanes, without more than slowing down. While there was not a ton of traffic, there was an oncoming car in his directional flow, and myself and another in oncoming traffic. Not the brightest of moves and, admittedly, a contest Da Roo would lose for sure.

For a few seconds shave people, it is not worth it. Come to a complete stop and save a life!


Editor's Note: Sorry, I just realized that I forgot to tie in the cartoon. Calvin had hoped to remain anonymous, which he was, until he signed it. Dumbass in the BAB had the similar hope of remaining unnoticed.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Yesterday's Haiku

The website you seek
Cannot be located but
Countless more exists

Today's Haiku

A crash reduces
your expensive computer
to a simple stone

Today's idiot!

Actually, today we have a twofer. Sorry ladies, but it seems to be your week.

Let's start with idiot number one. Now, everyone that knows me and has driven with me knows that I am a decent driver and I am good on the road (snicker and die). I am also very courteous on the road and tend to let people in on a regular basis. Far too often, though, the folks do not so much as acknowledge the gesture. So, I tend to have a few gestures of my own at the ready. Anyhow, today I had the pleasure of this woman not once, but twice, trying to cut in front of my truck when she had all the time and space in the world to move in behind me. She compounds that with going into the left lane when she needs to go right and then in the right lane when she needs to turn left. And then she feels it is my responsibility to allow her in front of me to correct her mistake; the Roo says otherwise. Funny how little tinny cars have no arguments with large black steel bars.

The second idiot of the day is a common animal around the workplace. I am sure you have run into them often times yourselves. You are there waiting patiently for the elevator, since you have actually pushed the button for it. Up comes some soul that is obviously more important and more in a hurry than you. They push the button again (or three or more times) possibly because it is biometrically coded to respond to their touch. Or, they have a secret Morse-like code that puts the elevator on priority service to get to the ground floor for them. In any case, once the elevator does arrive, they not only do not feel the need to allow the occupants to exit first, they do not feel the need to allow you to enter the elevator first. This type of idiot will also do this after walking into the area with twenty people waiting there to walk in front of others to get it. Today's idiot decide that she would attempt this manouver regardless of the large laptop on my shoulder that was jabbing her in the ribs.

People. I can soooooo do without them sometimes.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

OK, I admit; it grew on me

When the latest iteration of the Star Trek universe hit the airwaves, I like many others was not overly impressed. Hell, let's be honest, shall we? Bill Buckner was more welcome in Boston than the idiot that wrote the theme song to the show. No matter how long or how loud all the viewers protested against it, Paramount stuck their ground and kept the theme.

Well, I am sure it was not only the song that did it in but some of the early, suspect (read REALLY BAD) writing and some of the "artistic" liberties that they took with the Star Trek history as we knew and/or envisioned it. And let there be no mistake, a fan's imagination is almost always more detailed and elaborate than what the TV producers could come up with.

So, if I had issues with the show, why do I want it saved? Simple. Enterprise is the fourth series spawned from the Original three year run of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and crew. Every time a new series spawned, we fans bitched and moaned about it until changes were installed that made the shows either watchable or really, really good. Let's take a quick look at this process.

The Next Generation - Goofy colours, weird talking, characters that were stiff and hokey enemy conflicts (except for Q, and even he/it was over the top in Farpoint). The writing got better and they played on the moral and ethical questions of the current time, placed in a future context (old trick but executed superbly). And the two-part ending, which I watched on the big screen in Skydome (YES, Skydome and not Rogers whatever), is arguably the best Star Trek ending and episode ever! Well, some may argue the multiple times that young Wesley Crusher nearly died should be in the top ten. Ever meet someone that could kill a tribble? He would be that person.

Deep Space Nine - You had to applaud the writers for trying s new twist. They don't go anywhere to create hostilities, the hostilities come to their doorstep. Well, as we all know, the premise crew stale quick because fans were used to space battles, seeking out new life and new civilizations, to boldly....ok ok, I'll stop. You get the idea though. Stagnant travel bred stagnant stories. In came the Dominion. Not as insidious as the Borg, but also much cooler to write in because unlike the Borg, the Founders could assimilate any form and topple civilizations from within. Also, unlike the Borg, they were not predatory in the same manner; they simply wanted to ensure their own survival by ruling or extinguishing others. The Par'Wraiths and The Prophets added an interesting turn. Everyone knows that Dax and Quark were the stars of the show though. Also, the wormhole added the gateway needed to bring the stagnant station and story lines to other worlds.

Voyager - Oh man were there issues with this in the beginning. The stupidest one was that people were not believing that the captain was a woman. I was surprised that they did so but not pissed off about it. There were calls to boycott and all manner of foolishness. So besides the female captain issue, what was the issue here? Unfamiliarity. In the three previous seasons, we all grew up with and enjoyed kicking the crap out of Klingons (because they never learn), Romulans, Ferengi, Andorians and the Borg; with a little Q on the side. Now, we had all knew aliens that had similarities to the others but we had no investment in them. This was a very hard situation for Voyager writers and fans. So, what could possibly shake things up to make you want to watch? Well, the same tried and true formula that helps most long running shows in trouble; return to the familiar with a twist. At the end of Season Three, we see the Borg ships approach an unseen ship. The usual message about assimilation goes out and the answer is a super-charged energy suppository that immediately and completely destroys both ships. Yes, this has been done before but not so easily. What the hell could have destroyed the Borg like that? Well, we get to learn that it is Species 8472. The Borg found out about them, tried to assimilate them, and the hunted became the hunters. Anyhow, this two part episode also introduced one of the most memorable characters in the Star Trek universe; Seven of Nine, Borg Goddess. Yes, there is Data, the most popular character ever, acted by Brent Spiner who also did Lore (his brother) and Dr. Noonian Soong (his father/creator). However, Brent NEVER looked that good in a body suit. Besides the physical attributes though, Jeri Ryan brought a great talent to the role that could best be described as Data gone S&M. She did not long for her humanity but ran from it. She was not eager to please and childlike, she was dangerous, powerful and not willing to rejoin the human race all too quickly. The show ultimately ended the way all fans hoped; they finally made it home and kicked Borg butt doing it.

So, we made it to another quadrant 70 light YEARS away and kicked butt. We kicked butt in our own quadrant and basically ruled the galaxy. We popped through time and space and kicked butt. What could the future possibly hold? The past. Enter Enterprise.

Enterprise - literally going back to the beginning now seems to be the end of the most formidable franchise in TV AND Movie history. No other product has been as lucrative for anyone like this has been for Paramount (oh, if you only knew, Desilu). Again, the premise was an interesting one to see how they would pull off a series that talks about the beginning of the first series more than 30 years old. You had more modern equipment and TV production so the look could not even be made to look like it used to without being laughed at. Artistic liberties would HAVE to be taken. Familiarity would work for and against you as you cannot pollute the timeline of what has already transpired. A daunting task indeed on all fronts and basically launched on a good foot... until that *^%$*^&%(*& song played! OH-MI-GAWD! Are they serious? THAT'S the song? It must be some kind of joke. I refused to listen to it and have yet to hear it in its entirety. Posts, letters, emails, threats; all of them were sent to Paramount from the fans and they stood fast that this was the song. On second thought, that is EXACTLY why this series tanked. Paramount is just too stupid and too pig headed to understand their own cash cow. Even William had to concede that "Get A Life!" was the stupidest thing he could have uttered to a fan. Paramount, too late, acknowledged (sort of) that "screw you and the horse you rode in on" was the wrong thing to say to such vocal opposition to that damn song. Sigh, the song changed somewhat to almost tolerable (good for CHUM at midnight) and the complete season to save the Earth from an enemy never mentioned in the four previous series was daring. That said, they screwed up and unless something is done, it will be the first new series to finish before its predestined seven year voyage. And that would be a sad thing, song and all.

Go to the site if you like the show and help try to save it. Otherwise, you will be contributing to the continuation of new Reality TV hell.

Editor's Note: After, er, it was identified (bitched and moaned about) that I was remiss in identifying the gracious (PITA) soul that provided me with the link in this post. So, without further delay (is that Jerry Springer on), I thank Spaceman Spiff for that excellent link. Save Enterrise!


NEWS of the WEIRD - Current News

Below is an excerpt from this site that the Good Wife sent to me today. What can I say about this? Nothing, I'm speechless... for now.

From NewsOfTheWerd:

Homeowners are often startled to find that, in many states, if they give someone permission to stay with them for a while, and that guest eventually overstays his welcome, the homeowner can no longer easily eject the guest, or even have a sheriff do it, but rather must go through formal and lengthy eviction procedures. This issue surfaced most recently in Potomac, Md., when a retired social worker took in a down-on-her-luck, 39-year-old woman who, after a series of testy exchanges between the two, repeatedly refused to leave, feeling immune from eviction until the law had run its course. In August, according to police, the guest, Susan L. Sachs, was charged with murdering her host. [Washington Post, 8-26-04]

Amazing how laws meant to protect people can be twisted by people who are not worth protecting.

NEWS of the WEIRD - Current News

Today's idiot!

Actually, it is yesterday's idiot but I will add another bright child to the mix. First the bright one from today. Mr. Dumb in the red minivan thought that turning against the red light without stopping, WHILE traffic was in full motion towards him was a good idea. If you did not notice this morning, we had ice-encrusted snow on the ground. To top off this sin, he pulled in front of traffic and did not get up to the speed limit yet! If anyone was closer, they would have taken off the back end of that one-latch POS he was driving.

Now, yesterday was a treat that I see far too often in my travel to and from work. Now, before all you ladies start jumping on my back, understand that if men did the same actions, I would be all over them too; so chill.

Yesterday morning, as I was making my way to the truck in our driveway, I spotted a colourful Volkswagen Beetle coming west along my street. Not unusual, but it caught my eye due to the colour and the fact that it was the convertible model. As it passed, though, something else caught my eye.

It seemed to be a blonde woman, mid-thirties to mid-forties (all that cover-up can do wonders), professionally dressed (office not street), driving down my street. Again, not unusual until you realize what she is doing as an extra activity while driving. Ms. Pro was applying her makeup in the rear-view mirror (must have been an option the salesperson got in).

You may not see this as a grievous act but consider the issue at hand. She was doing this, while operating a motorized vehicle, in a residential area, down a street with speed bumps installed to curb the rush hour racers, during rush hour! Everyone in the suburbs know that there are two unpredictable things you can count on running into the street; kids and pets. And this woman, concentrating on her lips at the time, would have run over and killed either on right in front of me.

Can anyone answer why it is that people cannot take the 2-5 mins necessary to do that at home? Or, if they buy the cheap Zellers stuff and not MAC, why they cannot simply wait to do it in the ladies' washroom at work? It is absolutely unbelievable that people cane be so stupid and careless. Oh yeah, I forgot. Nevermind. Grrrr.

Shame on you NHL, shame on you NHLPA!!

Officially, I no longer give a flying puck about the hockey season. The latest round of idiocy has made me throw my hands into the air with exasperation.

THREE *&^%*&%^ MONTHS and only now did they think it was important enough to make serious concessions on their demands.

Neither the players nor the owners (like so many rich, spoiled and overpaid a-holes) thought about the little people. They did not care about the fans who pour out hard earned cash that pays ALL their salaries, nor did they consider the impact on the people who work at the arenas, local public transport, hotels, bars, restaurants, ticket counters, shirt stores and even the hot dog vendor outside.

At this point, I have but one thing left to say to the lot of them:

P-U-C-K Y-O-U!

Like I did when baseball did the same stupid thing, I will be boycotting hockey if they (when they) kill the season. Sure, I'll watch it like a good, tortured Leaf fan, and I will go to any games that tickets are given to me, but the Maple Leaf organization will NOT get money from me for a while. Maybe if we stupidly, blindly loyal fans did that a few more times than naught, they would think twice about pulling this kind of crap again.

As a last note, the hockey world should take notice that Congress was not convened for hockey like it was for baseball; this is not America's favourite pastime. People amazingly did not jump out windows or go on hunger strikes because there was no hockey on. Amazingly, people found other things to do.

To end on a positive note, what the strike did benefit were the small hockey leagues (the juniors, the minors, the schools). Maybe, the youngsters will take a page out of their history and learn from this. Then again, papa needs a brand new Ferrari, so ... probably not. :(


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

When will the sickness be eradicated?

I know that I could probably fill my blog daily with stories like this from around the world and I know it gets depressing after awhile, especially for parents. That said, I intend to continue adding them when I come across it because we cannot become complacent to this kind of foolishness. Oh man, wait I start my dissertation on capital punishment and the justice system in Canada. These kind of perverted, sick *&%*(^(& are at the top of my list!

DON'T BE A BYSTANDER! If you suspect something around you, remember that it is better to be wrong and apologetic than sorry and guilt-ridden.


Doc charged with luring

Just another article on the sickness of the teacher-student affair

See, there are some things that still should be dealt with in the old way. Do you have any idea what would have happened to her ass back in Trinidad or almost anywhere else in the Caribbean or the rest of the World? Sometime old world justice is a better deterrent than letting these people go on talk shows and sign book deals and get rich from the victims' pain.

I think this is going to spark yet another controversial topic that is close to my heart; the justice system and capital punishment. I will throw in some comments about the current Youth Act as well. For now, I leave you with the request that you be ever diligent to evil and do not be complacent in the victimize of an innocent person near you. DON'T be a bystander!


American teacher who raped student leaves jail: "s"

Dare we touch this topic? Hey, it's my blog so the answer is "Of Course"!

OK, so let's just make it clear that this is going to take a few postings as this touches many subjects and many views. I will welcome all manner of comments and opinions but I will be very clear that I have no time or patience for ignorance. Have an intelligent thought on the subject? Then by all means, post a comment. Have an ignorant thought on the subject? Well, please feel free to continue spouting it elewhere amongst your kind of people that listen to that drivel. Post it here and I will make you sorry.

OK, so threats aside, here are my deep thoughts on this story and the greater issue at hand in our country; same-sex marriages.

CANOE -- JAM! Television: Gay mom in 'Postcards' feels betrayed

Monday, February 14, 2005

Why oh why did I find this site?

OK, I swear publicly that I will NOT do anything I find on this site to my wife's iPod. Hmmm, I wonder what my neice in Chicago is doing with hers? :)

iPod Hacks :: The Latest and Greatest for Your iPod

iPod Hacks :: The Latest and Greatest for Your iPod

Need portable storage?

I recently came across this gem while reading the spotlight section of CPU magazine and I had to share it with you all. If you are starting to doze off because you think this is some kind of new techie toy... sweet dreams.

OK, so this is a 2.5" hard drive enclosure that sells for about $85USD. I know you are thinking that this is really expensive and that you have seen aluminum ones downtown going cheap for about $30. That is where the similarities end though. This little beauty not only houses a standard laptop drive for mobile access, it does so while adding wireless, 10/100 Ethernet and USB (though its, ACK!, only USB1.1 right now) connections.

Welcome to ASUS

So, you have an iPod and you're thinkin, "Now What"?

That's simple; ACCESSORIZE! This is but one store to go and get more neat stuff to further extend the features of the world's best MP3 player. It has items for all generations of iPods. As always, shop and compare if you can get similar but better priced items elsewhere but at least you will have an idea of what is available.

Oh, and when you are done, try doing some Podcasting too.

The iPod Accessories Store - iPod cases, iPod mini, iPod photo, speakers, itrip, inMotion, Soundstage and all other iPod accessories

There are so many things to say about this...

You would have had to have been living under a rock to not have heard about the 34 year old teacher and her 12 year old lover. This occurred back in 1996-97. Well, she is getting out and the plan to marry and raise the two daughters she has by him. Yes, you read that right; TWO daughters. Not only was she caught the first time and sentenced for six months for second-degree child rape, this married mother of four thought it was so sweet that she had to have more. She was arrested in a car with the child (in the act) and sent away for 7 1/2 years.

I see those two kids on Montel or Oprah in 7 1/2 years explaining what this has meant to their lives.

Yahoo! News - Letourneau, Ex-Pupil to Wed After Prison

Today's Haiku

distant thunder
before the summer storm
crisp winter day

Just a quick note...

Sorry for the delay between blogs. I have two in draft mode right now and about fifty in my head. I won't even begin to mention the truck load of funnies that I am behind on. Those are going to come as a huge wave this week as I try to get caught up. I will sneak you a peek at my latest burning issue though. I am extremely dismayed about several things surrounding the latest pending teachers strike. I just paused again as thoughts came flooding in about it. Anyhow, look for that, a new "Today's Idiot" and much much more.


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

We thought we had seen it all.

OK, we start with the curious rappers from the 70's and the birth of hip hop. Forgetting Vanilla Ice and his Ice Ice Baby (which did play nice and loud in the summertime), the world embraced what is considered the first true White rapper in Eminem. Now, we have the unthinkable and unbelievable; that is until you hear how good he really is.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am please to provide this link for you to experience this yourself. Introducing Matisyahu, the world's first recognized Jewish hip hop artist.

Jewish Rapper

Monday, February 07, 2005


I believe that this should be my company's motto (if not the motto for a lot of IT establishments). When it just has to be done, JUST DO IT!

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Censorship properly illustrated (excuse the pun)!

. Posted by Hello

2600: The Hacker Quarterly

Have you ever read an article about someone "testing" a corporate network or about someone fixing an issue that was "brought" to their attention? Chances are it was someone that subscribes to or reads this magazine.

It's not very big and looks more like a stapled pamphlet, but I can assure you that it is filled with information and worth buying. I always buy it from Chapters/Indigo (blech!) but you can subscribe online or possibly find it in a computer store or alternate bookstore. Check one out and tell me what you think about it.

Of note, I also read Maximum PC, CPU, PC MAgazine, PC World, MacWorld, Linux Journal, Linux Magazine, SysAdmin, Linux Format, Linux Magazine UK and a few others. I'll do some separate reviews on those another time.

2600: The Hacker Quarterly

The Pariots are a very good team, but...

They are in no way a "Super Power" as some assinine news outlets are calling them. Anyhow, I now owe my daughter a very nice lunch after this fiasco. T.O. was still giving them fits but the offence was not clicking. McNabb was the biggest disappointment as he was stationary most of the night and did not mixed up his throws enough to have their blitzing defence rethink coming after him. Ah well, we will wait till next year I guess.

Staying sports themed right now, let's think abnout what is going to be seen on the sports stations from this point forward; not a whole lot. While this is going to be very good for basketball, normally regulated to the after-the-hockey-anything news, it is not good for the sports fan. Sure, we'll get lots of NBA highlights, some golf and some tennis. It also means a constant drone about why the hockey season had to be cancelled, constant crap about the overpriced baseball happenings and other lesser things we sports fans could really care less about.

As my blurb above states, I am a tried and true Leafs fan. That makes it much harder to say that if they can this season, I will do the same as I did to baseball and boycott the next few seasons. Oh, you are damn right I will go to the game on someone else's dime (free tixkets anyone?) but they will not get a single cent of my money for years to come. Thhsi is bloody ridiculous, ESPECIALLY for a Major League that can ill afford a stoppage.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Definitely is a candidate for the Darwin's Award!!

OK, I will have to go looking for the "foreign objects" site again after reading this. Are people just born insane or something?

CANOE -- CNEWS - Weird News: Sherry enema kills man

How fast is your Internet connection?

Take the test and get an approximation of your real speed at this moment.


Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Another technology gets used by some slimeball lowlife in the wrong way.

I know that various rules are required in soceity but I am always warying of the line that has to be drawn and where it gets drawn. The problem is that you get creeps like the folks in this article ruining perfectly good technology by incorporating it into their sick little lives.

CANOE -- CNEWS - Tech News: Tools of the trade