Thursday, September 28, 2006

Name that bite!

I would say tune but it won't necessarily be a song (and most times not) that I will link to. So, click on the link above and see if you can figure out who is speaking, and if possible and relevant, what movie or show or situation it is from.


Today's Funny

Submitted by LB. I was laughing so hard at work that it prompted my boss to ask me if I was laughing because I had just seen my last paycheque. Funny guy. Enjoy.

------------------------------------- (Caution: Language)

A Trinidadian couple had only been married for two weeks. The husband,although very much in love, couldn't wait to go out into town and party with his old buddies. So he says to his newwife, "Honey, ah comin back now..."

"Whey yuh goin chunkalunks...?" asked the wife. "Ah goin by the rum shop, pretty face. Ah goin tuh drink ah beer."

The wife say to him, "You want ah beer mah love?" Then she opens the door to the refrigerator and shows him 25 different kinds of beer brands from 12 different countries.

The husband doesn't know what to do, and the only thing that he can think of saying is, "Yah dahlin...but the bar....yuh know nah...the frozen glass..."

He didn't get to finish the sentence, when the wife interrupts him by saying, "Yuh want ah frozen glass puppy face?" She takes a huge beer mug out of the freezer so frozen that she was getting chills holding it.

The husband, looking a bit pale, says, "Yes, tootsie roll, buh by the bar dey have those hors d'oeuvres that does taste real good...ah eh go be long, ah comin back now ah promise. OK?"

"Yuh want hors d'oeuvres poochipooh?" She opens the oven and takes out 15 dishes of different hors d'oeuvres.

"But sweet honey", he pleads, " the rum shop... yuh know nah...the swearing, the dirty words and all that..."

"Yuh want dirty words cutie pie? Here..."


Tuesday, September 26, 2006 - Renegade archbishop excommunicated - Sep 26, 2006

I am all for the old ways staying but I am also realistic. The church is losing priests at a rapid enough rate (either voluntary or being forced out) that it can ill afford to not accept those that want to follow. It has been long my view that not allowing priests to marry has been the foundation for many of the church's problems. now that voice has a face, and the face has a voice. How in the world do they think it will ever quiet down now?

Ciao. - Renegade archbishop excommunicated - Sep 26, 2006

Kidsfest Canada: Fighting Child Poverty

Take a moment and check this site out please. A worthy cause of for your attention.


Kidsfest Canada: Fighting Child Poverty

Sunday, September 24, 2006

A weekend in review


Dinner at my MIL's with DW, my BIL, a cousin and her husband. This was for Roshashana (one of many spellings) and is meant to start the year off right by dropping the past and looking forward to the sweetness of the new year. It is one of many gatherings during the year where we have the opportunity to celebrate and honour the Jewish traditions. As a non-Jew married to a Jewish person, and likewise for our cousin's husband, it is good and important that we are part of the tradition even though we may not share the actual belief. We are part of it by extension of our decision to marry into the family and faith. While I personally wish DW would participate more, and thereby I can too, I do not push her because I more than anyone understands the choices one must make with regards to faith. Oh, btw, dinner was excellent as always because mum makes a mean brisket. The conversations are always fun too as we play catch up and we discuss the everyday stuff that we like to chat about. We do not get to see these cousins as often as we like so I hope we change that in the coming year.


Adult gaming night. Always titillating to people when we say that phrase but it really is to be taken at its literal meaning; a night where games are played only by adults. This was the largest one we have had yet that we were involved in. We had four people from Whitby (PS and MS plus Skibum and his wife), six from Ajax (English and his wife, Redsometimes and her husband and Reddlion and his wife), one from Newmarket (DoubleD's wife), two from BF Everett (famine and his wife); yep, fifteen people in all. Lots of good food was brought in ranging from a bucket of the Colonel's favourite to a great guacamole dip to a spicy chicken wrap buffet to chili to a lemon meringue pie and bite-sized chocolate muffins. Not much was left at the end of all of that, unfortunately. We played lots of Liar's Dice, a crowd favourite, some Dirty Minds (a little too easy for sick thinkers like ourselves) and some Cranium with teams of three. In Cranium, I was teamed with Redsometimes and English's wife; that team-up plus some nice dice rolling and we seriously kicked ass. I must lodge a formal protest in print though. As the other players get to decide what question we get to win the game with , they all ganged up and refused to let me Sensosketch (drawing blind) or Sculpturade (sculpt with purple play-doh like substance). I have a slight knack and my teammates got it everytime in less than half the timer. Anyhow, it was not even a close contest on that one. More food and drink and people started to filer out into the night. We will definitely have to do this more often. It is such a release to be speaking to intelligent, fun human beings unlike the daily grind during the work week. When everyone left, we found ourselves still wide awake and tried to watch a DVD. That last all of ten minutes and we finally woke up, trundled off to bed and slept in.


MTL_froggie was in town with two of my three kids so they were dropping in before they headed home. DW and I did a little cleaning up and they arrived around 1PM. I really was not in a mood to run around the place and DW did not have the middle ingredients for lunch indoors so we split the two. We ordered in some panzerottos and wings from (co-company with The Wing Machine) and we did veggies and dips and such. While we were eating this, we watched Ghostbusters 1 & 2. Let me say that there really are some movies that no matter how many times you see them, they will always be enjoyable. Bill Murray is definitely one of the comic geniuses of all time. This along with Stripes, Groundhog Day, Lost in Translation and Caddyshack simply shows what delivery, timing and a pliable face can do to the funny bone. At the time of this writing, the pond folks have headed off and I am going to get to work on some stuff I have to do in the Sanctum Sanctorum (i.e. basement). The LB is on his way down from the capitol city via bus and I will be picking him up from STC around 7PM. He's got an appointment tomorrow in Barrie that I am going with him to; more on that later.

Well, enjoy what is left of the weekend. The summer is officially over and things are changing quickly. Brrrrrr.


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Let's break for a typical conversation between married people

Situation: DW heads out to run a few errands to get some items before our adult gaming night tonight. She sends Blackberry messenger messages when she does this. This is the unedited conversation.
(insert that Law and Order "duh duh" sound here)

DW: I forgot to ask you if you think that garlic spread we bought at One of a Kind is still okay.

DW: If so, I'll just buy bread for garlic bread. If not, I'll buy garlic bread at great cdn.

Dtrini: How would I even begin to tell?

DW: I'm not sure. It's soy based so it's not like there's milk in it.

DW: Guess I could just buy the bread and if necessary make my own garlic butter.

Dtrini: Which means what to a person like me?

Dtrini: Sure.

DW: Or have plain warm bread.

Dtrini: Glad I was part of that.

DW: K.

DW: Done.

DW: LOL. :)

DW: Done at the market. Going to great cdn.

Dtrini. K.


If you are wondering, the conversation would pretty much have gone the same way in person. Everyone thinks aloud at some point in time. My wife likes to involve me in that conversation. Thank God I love her so much.


Friday, September 22, 2006

Sony BMG gives Canadians 'raw deal' in rookit settlement

There is a simple answer to this. CONSUMERS, tell Sony to collective kiss our asses and until it gets its act together, we boycott buying any of their products in the future. Bye Bye Sony.



Next to all of the electronics, computer and magazine places, this is my new best friend. We made a couple of purchases there recently for our upcoming adult gaming night and some for our upcoming poker night. When we have the space, and the funds, our game room will be properly equipped. Mmmmm foosball.


Another PSA announcement.

Coalition for Comprehensive Sex Education

Coalition for Comprehensive Sex Education

CANOE -- JAM! - 'Spaceballs' becoming animated series

CANOE -- JAM! - 'Spaceballs' becoming animated series

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Jewish New Year

Tomorrow marks one of the most important days in the Jewish Calendar, Rosh Ha Shanah, or the birthday of mankind. I cannot properly explain it which is why I included the link to help (i.e. do all the work). We will be going over to my MIL's place for dinner tomorrow night to celebrate with her, my BIL and some cousins. An upcoming sweet and prosperous year to you all.

Here is another site explaining it:
The Meaning of Rosh Ha Shanah

The Jewish New Year

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A PSA for my readers

The link in the title and pasted below is to a site that hopefully will promote some awareness and knowledge of a debilitating illness that has affected both my little brother and my nephew. It is one of those rare diseases that does not get the media spotlight, no runs are organized for it and no celebrities are known to be afflicted with it so you won't see any charity balls or races organized for it.

IgA Nephropathy really has no warning signs, seems to strike at random and does things to the person that people do not see until the person is hobbled over in pain or lying on the ground. It is scary, it is painful and it hits at will. There is currently no know full cure for it either, just treatment. It leaves the person weak, it puts them in the hospital and yes, in the extreme cases, it can kill the subject.

There are so many different ailments we have to watch out for these days. Unfortunately, some are easier to spot, diagnose and treat than others. Education is our only hope of at least trying to catch things early before any real damage is done. Take it from a person with a doctor phobia, it is better to know and to ask and to be wrong. Don't stay silent and worried and right. It could cost you your, or someone you love's, life.


Today's Funny

Submitted by the LB.

Black Mother vs. White Mother

A black girl and a white girl were friends. The black girl slept over the white girl's house. It was 3 a.m., and they were still up. The white girl's mother came downstairs and said, "Honey, don't you think it's time for you to go to bed?"

The white girl responded, "Shut up. I don't want to go to sleep!"

Her mother said," Okay, honey. You can go to bed later."

The black girl was very intrigued by what happened and decided to use that when she got home. The next night the black girl's mother said to the black girl, "Go to bed! It's late!"

The black girl shouted," Shut up. I don't want to go to sleep!"

The black girl's mother took one look at her...

The black girl started to blink, looked around, and asked, "Where am I?"

A lady came over to the bed and answered, "You're in the Intensive Care Unit, love."

NOTE: Naturally, this does not wash for EVERYONE on either side of the fence, but it does for the majority. Definitely for my house!

Monday, September 18, 2006

On a serious note...

The Dawson College tragedy was narrowly averted being repeated it seems. My Goddaughter's mother contacted me to tell me should pulled her out of school. She did this because she was notified that they had taken a 15 year old teenager in for questioning as he posted on the same website as the Gill killer ( They allegedly found information at the site that led them to investigate further and they allegedly discovered weapons in his possession.

So, the question posed to you today is, "WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH OUR YOUTH!?!?!"

Today's Funny

Submitted by MTL_FROGGIE

I have a dog and I was buying a large bag of Purina at Wal-Mart and was in line to check out. A woman behind me asked if I had a dog. On impulse, I told her that no, I was starting The Purina Diet again, although I probably shouldn't because I'd ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms.

I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and that the way that it works is to load your pants pockets with Purina nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry and that the food is nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again. I have to mention here that practically everyone in the line was by now enthralled with my story, particularly a guy who was behind her.

Horrified, she asked if I'd ended up in the hospital in that condition because I had been poisoned. I told her no; it was because I'd been sitting in the street licking my balls and a car hit me. I thought one guy was going to have a heart attack he was laughing so hard as he staggered out the door.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bounty hunter Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman arrested - REALITY TV -

Amazing, the Mexican authorities can be hot to arrest someone that made them look bad but are so quick to cover up their own incompetence when a Canadian tourist is killed in one of their own hotels. I agree that Dog and his crew broke their laws and should be penalized in some way. Seriously though, does it make sense to lock them away for capturing a rapist that these incompetent, corrupt local authorities had in their own backyard and did nothing about? The guy they captured has been sent away for 124 years. I think they need to thank Dog and his crew for protecting Mexican women from being raped by this parasite, not condemn them to try to save face.

They simply have no face to save.

Bounty hunter Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman arrested - REALITY TV -

CANOE -- JAM! - 'Survivor' debut insightful

Take a read. I'll be back with my comments later.

CANOE -- JAM! - 'Survivor' debut insightful

Friday, September 15, 2006


I try to be knowledgeable and thoughtful (and controversial and thought provoking) about life, the universe, and everything whenever I can. Sometimes though, other thoughts enter my head that just scream for their day in the light. These are examples of such thoughts.

WTF is wrong with either the physical make-up and balance or the general stability of the male creature's construction? What praytell am I warbling abonut, you ponder? I went into the men's toilet as one does when one needs to tinkle or, you know, other. Everytime I go in there, it's like Bits N' Bites; you never know what you are going to end up with this time.

I've gone into the men's room at work and have been horrified at the state in can be left in by grown adults. Once, I could swear someone was grooming themselves at the urinal because if not for the sheer force of the flush, the pipe would have backed up. Another time, it's like the person (or manimal) decided to behave like a cat and spray his territory by hitting everything but the little set of holes where pee-pee is supposed to go down. I realize that germs are everywhere but since you've just been holding your own sweaty genitalia, you think that you will get more germs by touching the handle to flush? It got so bad that the buidling had to have automatic flushers and sinks installed. Too bad they do not have automatic deodorizers (when letters are posted, it could peel paint) or tracking urinals so that one is not slipping into the urinal as you slide through someone else's bad aim.

As a quick aside, just what the hell was the joke when the Almighty made such an instrument of pleasure have the seeing-eye strength of a blind bat? I swear if you don't hold on tight (without playing with it) you are liable to pee in your own eye. It is the absolute worst for aiming ability no matter how perfect it is. Go running in with a hot stream during a night of drink guzzling and see how well behaved your perfect little aimer is. And let's not mention playing hide and go seek when the temperature drops; it's all fun and games until you pee on that linebacker's foot in the stall two over from you.

Ladies, you have it made in having a natural sprinkler-type layout where you aim with gravity and dispersal is properly contained. I cannot imagine that the women's lavatory could ever be allowed to be such a horror-fest like the guy's area. I mean, every movie I have seen, there is a fresh garden to pick flowers from as you exit, buttons to wash, fluff, wipe and pluck, lilacs and incense in the air; a veritable paradise. Not in men's land.

I think I need to stop on the way home and get a new case of Purel. It is going to be a long fall and winter it seems. And I don't need to be catching nothing from no one that I didn't sleep with personally.


Fraud and Scam Sightings & Locations - Canada - SCAM SHIELD - An organization protecting citizens against scams and fraud schemes through advocacy and

My dear wife, gotta love the woman, thought it would be nice to show me an ad on the Kijiji website. If you are unfamiliar with that site, don't be alarmed as not a lot of people I know know about it. We ran across it whilst looking for a new house to rent. It is a free classified ad site and when things are free, there will be asshole people trying to take advantage of other people.

Take for instance this TWIT and his seemingly decent speakers. As once who prides himself on not necessarily being an audiophile but dreaming of the day when he can truly afford the resources to become one, the specifications and shpeel immediately set off bells. So, I went to trusty Google to look up the real cost of these speakers and what they are capable of and I got the hit on this site first showing how many scammers try to sell them off.

I went back to Kijiji and reported it as a fraudulent ad. Now, if I can only convince my lovely, generous, kind, loving wife to keep those happyhappyjoyjoy feelings and allow me to get something ELSE of equal or slightly greater value. :)


Fraud and Scam Sightings & Locations - Canada - SCAM SHIELD - An organization protecting citizens against scams and fraud schemes through advocacy and information

Montreal Gunman Liked Columbine Game -

And here the stupid people go again. How educated people can honestly sit around and spew garbage about how video games screwed up the kids and images turned the person to violence and all the rest of crap they spit out to the media (who in turn regurgitates it like bad, thinning models) is beyond me.

Growing up, I watched every single bit of violent, scary, crazy movie, tv show and video game. I have not yet attempted to decapitate anyone, hold up a bank, fly off a roof or any other stupid things sane people already no are either wrong or impossible. As Chris Rock asks in one of his routines, "Whatever happened to 'crazy'?"

This artcile, and many reports I have read and watched, constantly brings up the Columbine Massacre game that is available on the Internet. I have not linked to it (Google it yer damn self) and I have not played it myself. And while I was initially disgusted by the whole idea of the game, I had to rethink that position. As I was talking about it with DW last night, I had to remember that several distributions of Linux used to carry a game called "Kill Bill" where a set of Bill Gates figures would run onto the screen and try to replace your computer screens (with SUN, Unix and Linux symbols on them) with a Microsoft Windows symbol. One ran around the screen swatting Bills to death until the next level. It's a fun game. It does not make me want to go out and try to swat Bill to death (as much as the urge is strong for that shitty software he insists on peddling). I am sure he was not amused when it game out and I am sure lots of people would find it it bad taste (along with him being shot in the head in the South Park movie).

The point is, though, no one HAS tried to hurt Bill Gates simply because they played that game. And the people who would have played that game are isolated, loner computer geeks; a co-culture of the types that are committing these heinous crimes. So, if not the games, movies and TV shows, what is the cause? Hmmmm, whatever happened to crazy?!?!?

Oh, and the neighbours commenting on how the kid looks just plays right to what he wrote on his website about people having to stop judging people based on his looks. He wore a mohawk? So what. He wore dark clothing? So what. He was a loner? Hmmm, but really, so what. He behaviour and mood changed, he stuck to himself, had dark thoughts, wrote dark shit on a website and, oh yeah, had a cache load of (*&^%(*&^ weapons in the house? Ding ding ding, we have a winner!!! The parents best not come out and speak because someone will have to ask how a 20-something person lives in your house with a semi-automatic rifle and you don't know it is there. TC could be forty but as long as she was in our house, her space was our domain. Want privacy? Get out.

Society needs to stop blaming people, stop looking for excuses and stop being blind. We need to fix this before the next news story involves one of our own.


Montreal Gunman Liked Columbine Game -

Thursday, September 14, 2006

PETA attack Steve Irwin : Bang : Celebs : Entertainment : Sympatico / MSN

NOTE: Thanks to Mossy for showing me this link.

I try not to be a violent man but PETA simply better not show themselves around Toronto for a while yet. Absolutely sick and ridiculous that they would spit on somebody's grave like this. When a president dies, his greatest opponents dutifully show up, pay their respects and honour the adversary they tangled with for so many years. For PETA to do this, it simply shows what an immature organization they are and I guarantee and they will never ever have anything to say I would waste my time listening to. Obviously, they don't have enough intelligence, morality and compassion for the human animal so why would I believe they have it for any of the rest.


PETA attack Steve Irwin : Bang : Celebs : Entertainment : Sympatico / MSN

Photo Galleries > Photos: Making the first disk drive

Photo Galleries > Photos: Making the first disk drive

Apple's iTV: Bridging the Big Divide

Shall we sign you up for one now?

Apple's iTV: Bridging the Big Divide

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | LA Talk Show Accessed Governor's Site

The simple lesson is if one makes it accessible (password protected or not), someone will find a way to access. Isn't that right MsM?

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | LA Talk Show Accessed Governor's Site

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today's funny submitted by DW

This Jamaican woman felt that her love life was slipping because her husband had no more interest in sex. While shopping one day, she passed an adult shop and saw some crotchless panties, so she decided to buy one and try to use it to excite and seduce him.

That evening she took a long bath, put on a favorite perfume, and then she put on a sexy negligee and her new crotchless panties. Then, she slithered into the room where her husband was watching TV as usual.

She stands right in front of him, with one foot resting high on the ottoman, negligee wide open, and whispers, "Yu wah some a dis?"

Her husband looks up at her wide-eyed and says, "No sah, yu mad, yuh nuh see wha it do to yu panty!"

Slashdot | Original Star Wars on DVD... Sorta

"These are NOT the DVDs we are looking for." Any Star Wars fan will recognize that line as a play upon the line delivered by the Stormtroopers as the land speeder with the droids, Obi-Wan and Luke is checked. Unfortunately, it would seem by the comments in this forum that the DVDs the fans of the world had hoped for are not the ones released yesterday. I for one would have been royally pissed off if I cough up good coin and got barely better than the VHS I now have.

I love George Lucas' work and I have grown up (okay, that is debatable) watching his films. It is a shame that, if all the comments are true, he has become a slave to the money, or just lazy, or just uncaring about the quality of work he delivers to the fans. He used to be upfront and honest and proud about his work. If this is the best he can produce, maybe it is time he retired, gave the reins to someone who cares and leaves Skywalker Ranch's business side to be run by people who will continue producing quality work.

It used to be the Force that was with him. Apparently George has been watching too many Star Trek re-runs and having "Live long and PROSPER" ringing in his ears. Such a shame.


Slashdot | Original Star Wars on DVD... Sorta

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What we did this past weekend - Friday

Well, finally, I got my dinner out with DW. Sortof. It is not exactly what I envisioned but it was nice to get out of the house and have dinner with my wife. We went to this sushi place we found on Kingston that we will have to take Famine and his wife to when they are in next. Decent portions, fair price, good food.

We were supposed to go home and clean up and do all sorts of stuff before people came. A whole lot of nothing happened as we were simply too tired to even watch a movie. We would get up and get it all done basically, though DW did a couple of things that night in preparation.

Time ot get a couple of weekends in of doing nothing so we can just relax for a little while.

What we did this past weekend - Saturday

Saturday was a bit of a big day for us all and naturally, it pissed rain all day long. We held the first Family BBQ at our house that included invitations out to all of the people I consider family. Yeppers, you read that right: father, mother, little brother, older sister, older brother, nephews, nieces, and various cousins. Along with them was included several family friends that are as good as blood relatives for what they mean to us. While we had a few folks that could not make it, we also had a few no-shows that did not have the courtesy to even respond to the invite. Most notably, my older brother in Barrie really disappointed me, AGAIN, and this pretty much put the nail in the coffin of our relationship. The message has been received perfectly clear and I am listening this time.

Anyhoo, those that came were asked to contribute a different dish to the event. In all, we had a sweet collection of foods of Trinidad and the islands. The list goes as follows (and I will try to include links to everything in a future post):
CooCoo (really more Barbados than Trinidad, but without the requisite fried flying fish)
Souse (both with chicken feet and pig parts, not fond of the feet)
Pelau (chicken and rice and peas)
Macaroni Pie
BBQ chicken
Curried chicken
Curried goat
Curried oxtail (under or over cooked, unfortunately, so was too tough)
Callaloo (with pigtail but no crab)
Roti (both dhalpuri and paratha)
Roast corn
Zucchini bread
Chocolate Birthday cake (for the lil lad)

More than the food was the company. I would not say that I was nervous about my mother coming to my house for the first time, but I was a little anxious as this was a big step for me after our years of estrangement. It did provide many points of talk through the night though. Let me elaborate.

This was the first time that my mother and my MIL had met. My MIL can get along with anyone and is really a nice person especially in social situations. So, when she entered the room and said hello to everyone, she went over to my Dad, whom she is well acquainted with, and gave him a hug and kiss. This immediately got my mother going (having never let go of my father even in divorce) with a little "woo"ing at the sight. Mum (DW's) then went over to Mum (mine) and gave her a kiss as well and the chatting started. Somewhere in all of that my mother apparently said something to the effect of, "we will keep in touch now" or "we'll be talking now" or something to that effect. Oh yeah, colour me mouth-open and thinking what I did wrong in a past life for this to happen. It was all good though and things went well all around with no incidents; a bloody record in my family history let me tell you.

My sister had her man-friend with her and as DW will tell you, this family will test your limits to see if you can truly enter our circle. We are pranksters, jokesters and ribbing specialists. DW learned the very painful way, even AFTER I dutifully warned her, that a thick skin and a quick tongue are the only ways to survive in this family. Poor Gemini's man, I do not think my sister properly warned or prepared him. At one point my sister explained how it was okay for him to drink but he did know how to drive her stick (referring to her car's stickshift). All innocent except a)she was leaning back until she said that when she bolted upright and gestured for emphasis and b) the double entendre was invented by my family so my mother grabbed hold of that statement and we all rode it for a good hour or so turning the poor boy more and more red. The peak of it got worse though when he made a HUGE faux pas. At this point, DW's brother arrived and while the conversation was going on, Gemini (my nickname for my sister) mentioned she had a 26 year old son. My BIL could not believe it and commented on how good she looked. Brightness, Gemini's man, blurts out, "It's the light!" WHAT?!?!?!? Have you lost your Vulcan mind buddy? Oh man, we rode that shit like Seabiscuit. We had him drinking up a storm especially when I started on mimicking my sister when they got home with, "Oh, it was the light, eh? Which light is it now? Say my name bitch!" Oh yeah, we run the situations into the ground and squeeze every last ounce out of it.

Funny thing with Trini (and Caribbean in general) gatherings that have non-island folks in it, you do get to understand the language, slang and terms can really get to be a bit much for those not familiar with it. Poor DW and her brother, as well as Gemini's man, was often left looking puzzled as the fast talking and term specifics got tossed around so quickly that they sometimes got lost in the shuffle. I came to Canada when I was two so to the islands, I really sound Canadian. To Canadians, when I am amongst other islanders, I really sound foreign. It can be quite amusing at times and other times it can be quite useful at work because we can shortcut to meanings without revealing what we are talking about.

Oh, we also had a nice surprise in that a couple of our Ajax friends popped in on their way home form a wedding to drop off a package for me. So, we gave them a beverage and packed up a couple of recycled Chinese food containers with a taste of everything to take home to their worldly son who will basically try anything at least once; a boy after my own heart. He apparently enjoyed it all, some more than others, so I may have to send another treat his way soon. His parents just looked on as they are not quite as adventurous as he is. We made arrangements for them to be available at our next adult gaming night (don't go there).

So, after everyone left (thanks Bones, for cleaning up the kitchen as much as you could) and no further putting away was possible as we ran out of containers, we settled down with the Ottawa folks to veg. Mind you, vegging was at two o'clock in the morning. We grab a drink and started to watch Akeelah and the Bee. It is actually a very good family movie to watch. The LB and I ended up falling asleep on the couch after the movie was over and the ladies went up. LB went up later on and then the little lad came down in the morning to wake his favourite uncle.

What we did this past weekend - Sunday

On Sunday, it was a relatively quiet day. I was woken up around 8:30AM by my nephew poking at me while saying, "Uncle! Wake Up!", into my ear. Seeing as it was a late night, an early morning was not ordered at all. Cute kid just turned two on Saturday; yes, we all feel for his parents. However, it is now a milestone time for the lad, so he best learn the easy lessons quick before the hard ones come a-rolling cross his behind.

So, now I was up. Got some breaky, watched some tube, did some work, and prepared to leave (late) for Markham. We called up and said we were running late, obviously, but we had to make two quick stops. The first stop was to XS Cargo which can only be described as a very poorly designed Bargain Harold's for electronics and other household items. We went there to look for an answering machine for my mother (more on that later) but came up short, settling for a Compaq laptop combo consisting of an LED light on USB, an optical 3-button mouse on USB, a retractable phone cord and, the reason I wanted it, a USB numeric keypad.

The second stop was a quick in and out over at The Kennedy Road store is a real dive compared to the Dufferin Street one, but they tend to have stock when I need it so I took the chance the newly minted 4GB USB keys they advertised would be available. It was, and I now own one. Suhweet. So, now we headed off north.

We went to visit some newly reappropriated friends. They had moved down to Chicago, Illinois a couple of years ago when the wife was offered a new position there. Things were going well as she traveled, he took care of their son and renovated the sweet bungalow in the great neighbourhood while doing odd jobs around the place. I say odd jobs but really, he is absolutely amazing at the home renovations and wood work that he is capable of. Unfortunately, the bottom fell out in many ways. Her job went sour when the man who hired her was let go (they tend to clean out anything to do with former executives) and there was a very nasty breakup. The real estate market took a tank faster in the US than in Canada so they took a bath on their property. And they did not return to Canada the way they had planned and dreamt about; opening a quiet little inn on some property they bought (which will now need to be sold). On top of this, there were significant deaths in the family and she herself is now ill while taking care of their new baby. Life is challenging but slowly returning to normal.

So, now they are back in Canada; up in Markham instead of North York. They bought a nice split-level fixer-upper and have started the renovations in earnest with carpets being ripped out and floating floors being installed and wallpaper stripping and painting being done within the few hours of arriving back in town. The place actually has a fair bit of room (but a lot of stairs to navigate for her) but it is too early to feel like home just yet; that will take a little longer. Their first child has started school and remarked to his mother when she was kissing him goodbye, "Mommmmm, not in front of my friends!"; he's six years old.

Anyhow, we were visiting but I was also there in an IT capacity to get her system working correctly so she can communicate with the world again via email. We helped get her wired up, get the wireless router installed, the phone moved, the system updated and the anti-virus software installed. I then removed that gawd-awful piece of crap software that Rogers installed on her system; what a freaking waste of time and resources that thing is. I also fixed the idiotic bullshit setup the lazy-ass tech did; he connected the cable modem with a USB cable instead of attaching a network cable like any self-respecting IT person would do. Oh yeah, he works for Rogers so he missed that boat a while ago. Anyhow, everything was going along swimmingly until I tried to upgrade her version of Office. It required a CD I did not have with me and we were not finding in the next millennia in the unpacking of the house. So, I will either have to go there or try to do it remotely, since I installed Logmein so I can help her remotely as needed.

It was good to see them again and we will check in to help them readjust back to the Canadian way of life.


What we did this past weekend

I know some people hate the super long posts so I will divide them up and you can read what you like. I will be going in reverse, starting with Monday.

On Monday, my intention was to visit with my good buddy, Jack Schitt, and do nothing but lounge, drink and watch the Labour Day Classic (Argos vs. Ticats). Well, the day before, my good friend DoubleD offered us a couple of VIP passes to watch the annual Canadian International Air Show at the Canadian National Exhibition (128th year). At first, while trying to connect with DoubleD in the park for the tickets (we got in through nefarious means but scanned the tickets on the way out), we took some shots from on the C.N.E. grounds that were not the greatest as one tries to bypass people, buildings, birds, waterfalls and towers. The pictures from the VIP stands, where the planes do special front and center displays, produced some really memorable shots.

I thought Mossy would like some of these. I also think he may get a kick of my loudly laughing out my truck window as I passed these idiot protesters with signs reading things like "We want and Airshow NOT a WARshow". They were protesting the inclusion of the various examples of warplanes from the bomber, to the F-15, to the f-22 Raptor, to the F-18A Hornet. The organizers, dutifully, removed the A-10 Warthog at the last minute in respects to the friends and family of the soldier that was killed by friendly fire from a similar aircraft in Afghanistan. I am no lover of war (what sane person is) but I am not ignorant to the fact that it is various wars that allow me the freedom to write my own personal shit on this blog, to criticize whomever and whatever I want, to be in this country and not as someone's slave and to be treated as anyone's equal. While I agree it affords these poor, misguided idiots the same freedoms, they should not be free to be in the face and ruining a family's outing to the exhibition by poisoning and tainting what is a show about the technology and history of these aircraft, not any agenda for what they are used for.

Ok, I will step off my soapbox now, and go eat dinner. Enjoy the pictures and please feel free to critique as I know they are not the best. Our camera and lenses need a serious, professional cleaning. Oh, one more thing, since this was taken with our Canon Digital Rebel and not the Canon Elura camcorder, the effect is not truly capturing the awesome might of these planes. You can run the slideshow and adjust the timing to 1 second to get a decent idea of some of the planes' actions (i.e. the bi-plane hovering like a helicopter at near stall, or the F-18A hornet gently inching across the sky at its slowest speed while another plane catches up to it at its top speed).


Airshow 2006
Sep 4, 2006 - 379 Photos

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Monday, September 04, 2006

Milestone night for Allen

The article says it all for the details but I wanted to simply say congratulations to Damon Allen of the Toronto Argonauts. As a testament to what Allen has come to mean to the Argo faithful, I was shocked to see that he has only been with Toronto for four years. It really seems like he has been here his entire career and just seemed fitting that he broke Warren Moon's pro football career passing record and he also passed for the 5,000 consecutive time. Anyone that watches the game can appreciate the numbers, the task to achieve them, the work and luck needed to get there and the longevity of spirit and especially body.

While listening to the telecast as we watched the game (we arrived home at the end of the first quarter, more on that later), the announcers brought up the question about whether Damon Allen should be inducted into the NFL's Hall of Fame. While the Americans may try to cry foul, they would look mighty stupid if they did not recognize the accomplishment and do exactly that. Warren Moon entered the HOF with the highest passing total that was a combination of his work in the CFL and the NFL. With that fact alone, Allen earned his right to be placed in the same breadth as Moon and they can asterisk it all they want. No one can footnote what Allen accomplished today. And no one should attempt to. What will they say when he reaches 75,000 and 80,000 (as he intends to play a couple more years in Toronto)?

The answer should be "Congratulations and welcome to the Hall of Fame". Anything less than that would be an insult to an amazing career and a fine human being.


SLAM! Sports - CFL - Games - Milestone night for Allen

CNN anchor goes on Letterman

I think they left one thing off the list: will make family bbqs and other get togethers much more interesting.

CANOE -- JAM! - CNN anchor goes on Letterman

'Croc Hunter' Irwin killed by stingray

Crikey! Probably a bit cliche but it is most fitting, and solemn, in trying to say goodbye to someone who simply wanted to entertain and educate the masses on topics he loved and thought was important. While I would not characterize him as the Mr. Rogers of the animal kingdom, he darn well came close in his own way. I did not watch his show all the time (always conflicted with other things) but when I did, I came away with knowledge I did not possess prior to tuning in; with that, he accomplished what so many hope to do and fail miserably at. The Crocodile Hunter will be sorely missed. Jacques, make room at the table for a fellow mate.


CANOE -- JAM! - 'Croc Hunter' Irwin killed by stingray

Friday, September 01, 2006

Freaky Friday

Now, hello there. Those who know me well know that regardless of my outward persona, I keep things personal to me VERY close to the vest. It seems that lately, with the various stresses, my vest kind of burst open and exploded over the world. I cannot apologize for that, as my Italian ancestry makes me hot-blooded, passionate and emotional at times; add that to the Trini side and watch out. I can say though that my blog was not exactly set up to be used in that manner so I apologize for polluting the Net-waves with unintentional spew. I would like to thank friends and family alike for noticing my center was more than a bit off and being there for me; it is most appreciated and gives one a warm and fuzzy feeling that so many folks genuinely have got my back. And as always, my unfaltering DW. It is why I married you for few can tame this savage beast and you do it better than any one else. I think I will take you to dinner... outside of the home... in an established eatery... for the purpose of consuming food and drink. Ok, I think I covered all ambiguity. :)

So, why is today so much better this week? Well, despite the fact that I have engaged in two nights of late and long conference calls (cha-ching, someone will be paying me for that), I actually feel really good today. I will definitely need some rest and may fall asleep during a movie on the devil's chair with DW later, but right now I am energetic and feeling good which is more than I can say for earlier this week.

Tomorrow, DW and I are hosting a West Indian BBQ/Potluck with a birthday boy rider; LB's lil lad turns two on the second. I'll let LB explain how this is a momentus day in his household and what it means for the future; hee hee. This is the first time my mother will be to our house and the first time she will truly meet and engage DW, first time she will meet my MIL and one of my BILs, and the first time almost all of my family will be together in one spot. My BB has yet to respond but for various reasons, I truly do not expect to see anyone from his family. Sad, but not enough to ruin my good feeling. The potluck so far (and this is really to make LB's mouth water at work so he can cuss me out, each item is linked to a corresponding recipe): BBQ chicken, macaroni pie, callaloo, roti (dhalpuri and paratha, natch), curry chicken, pilau, souse, and more. There will be much drinking carrying on but a special bottle of Alize will be set aside for the LB's consumption; his favourite drink. I am really looking forward to it even with Mother Nature playing de ass by threatening 60% chance of rain. That would mean having everyone inside, not ideally what we wanted but we will make do.

On Sunday, some friends of ours have moved back from Chicago so we are going over to visit them and I am going to get her computer properly set up and functioning like I would like it. Her computer but how I like it you ask? Well, if I am going to provide some support (which I do) then I have control over the environment to limit the amount of support necessary. So, first thing I will be doing is removing that nasty Rogers installation software that they tell unsuspecting people they need in order to enjoy the Rogers network. No they frickin' don't!! In fact, having installed this myself many moons ago, it is much more of a hindrance than a help. So, we will get her wireless router installed and secured, ensure her anti-virus and spyware checkers are up to date, possible do a little defrag, install a utility ( so that I can remotely support her as needed, and install anything else that will help keep her system healthy and limit any support calls necessary (as they are a disruption to both her and me).

On Monday, which is a holiday in both countries, I intend to do what every red-blooded Canadian boy does: watch the Toronto-Hamilton annual tussle, drink beer and generally do Jack Schitt as I am off call and not going nowhere, nohow, notime.

So, if I don't happen to be back to blog (unlikely as their are some burning topics I want to tackle), have yourself a great, relaxing and enjoyable long weekend.