Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stand By Me - Beautiful International Version

The full Stand by Me video.

One Love - Interview + an Unforgettable Rendition of

Thanks to Penny for introducing me to this. I truly agree and believe that music is one of the rare things is this world that can remove the division between people and celebrate the commonalities over the differences between them.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Do I really need to say it?

Open alcohol in the vehicle.

The vehicle is a school bus.

The drinker is a school bus driver.

He was waiting to drive elementary school kids home.

AFTER his second bottle of beer.

He was fired.

But NOT charged?!?!?!?

Try THAT in Scarborough.

Nuff said.

Ottawa school bus driver fired after allegedly drinking on job

Concerned about the mechanic's diagnosis?

Well, why not get one of these units?  It will record data from your post-1996 model year vehicle and tell you exactly what's going on with it.  Have kids that are driving now?  Plus this in and get the REAL story on how they are treating the precious family ride when you are not in it.  Need evidence to show you were not speeding when you hit that truck?  This will record that information too (or tell you to shut up and take the ticket at the lower speed).  No, it's not cheap, but it is inexpensive when compared to possible service bills if you know there is an issue before it becomes a problem OR you know it is a minor issue before you are billed for a major one.

Besides, it is another cool toy that happens to combine IT and Automotive geekery.


ThinkGeek :: Car Chip Pro Engine Performance Monitor

For the wannabe Phil Collins in your house.

I dedicate this post to Mossy who has moved on to greener pastures and left the rest of us to graze in the barn with the others. :) Bonne Chance!


Wonder why Circuit City and The Source are having money issues?

You have to look no further than the following two links. Same price, different product. If the idiots cannot see that 40GB less should cost less money, they deserve to go under and put out of their misery and ours.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Money will get you off all the time.

This woman has been convicted of running over a pedestrian and dragging him to death because she was too incompetent to stop.  She has caused many accidents and flaunts the law as a whim, even changing her name to avoid persecution.  Her husband does not stop her either so he should be charged as well.  When you're old and rich (no matter the colour, but seriously, you all know better), you think you can do whatever you want and apparently society and the police allow you to do so until a newspaper or TV news shows catches you in the act and makes a public issue of it.  Ridiculous.  Sure, the police do not have the staff to follow every single suspected violator of previous sins BUT when that person has been charged more than once and are sure to re-offend (AKA drunk drivers), then maybe your donut run (YES, I SAID IT) should go past these people's homes and businesses to keep an eye out for the next time they make a bad choice.

I personally am tired of hearing of another innocent person being hurt or killed by these selfish, unrepentant assholes.  Lock them up. Period.

Ciao. - GTA - Dangerous driver, 52, charged again

Thursday, November 06, 2008

What next? Ban the Easter Bunny??!?!

I am late posting this but it still boils my blood.  This is the height of PC stupidity and a sure sign that people have too much f**king time on their hands.  There is nothing wrong with Halloween (which used to be spelt Hallowe'en, but I digress).  It is good natured, clean fun for small and big kids.  This BS that the board came up with is just utter nonsense.  I know a Wiccan; she is my Goddaughter.  Not once has she expressed the desire to march on Ottawa and complain bitterly about the portrayal once a year of her kind.  Give me a fracking break already.  If these idiots did not have their heads up their butts so far its dark, they would know that the schools have big problems, REAL problems that they need to address.


Comment: How the Toronto school board sterilized Halloween - Posted Toronto

Amen to that!

I can not say it better than this excerpt from the article:

Historians aren't the only ones mindful of that. At a rally Tuesday in Philadelphia, rapper Jay-Z uttered a line that has been picking up currency among black voters and politicians this year.

"Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk," Jay-Z told the crowd. "Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run."

An anonymous black man on the "L" in Chicago put his own spin on
it when he announced to a car full of strangers: "Rosa Parks sat down.
Martin Luther King marched. Barack Obama ran. And my grandchildren will fly."

Nation crosses hopeful bridge --

People really need to buy a clue.

The last comment in this article stated something about Obama not knowing how many states there are and how many letters are in the word "JOBS".  How does that diminish his ability to be president compared to the idiot you've had in power for eight years that could not deliver bottled water to hurricane victims??

America needs to take a good long look at itself and really ask if they are as good as they think they are or any where near as they can be.  My answer, as a supportive cousin up north, is a resounding no.  You have many fine examples of people there; I have family and friends in the US and have many times met many strangers that were funny, kind, helpful and intelligent.  these people do not tend to seek out the spotlight though so you do not usually see them, hear them or read about them.

No, what we usually get the pleasure of being exposed to are the degenerates in positions of wealth and power or the uneducated or just plain stupid twits on the street that think so very high of their ignorant selves.  America should be the shining beacon that all other countries want to aspire to be.  It has been greatly tarnished in the last while and while fixing your internal problems, you need to fix that world view as well.  I will not go into whether I see the wars as good or bad but I will say choose your allies more carefully, make your decisions more wisely and more openly in a cooperative effort with NATO and once a decision has been made, just do the damn job!

Anyhow, there will be a very long road for Obama as he tries to get things done while he is in power.  He will need to do enough in the early going for people to weight his worth on the merits of his ideas and not fall back on the oh so easy and oh so ripe position of him being an unprepared black man in the most powerful position in the world.  The work has only just begun and I hope he gets the chance to prove he is up to the task.  America, we will be watching.  Good luck.


Sarah Palin 'did not know Africa was a continent', say aides - Times Online

Finger pointing to Palin. Ya think?!?!?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And Dragon's Den was not even involved in this.

Yes We Can!

This may be the battle cry for the Americans who support new President-elect Barack Obama, but it resonates far past the confines of the 50 states that make up the United States of America. This day brings to many, in far reaching areas of the world, the hope and the promise that just about anything is possible. Long ago, it was the thought of freedom, then equality, then it was position or status, bit by bit. BUT, the one place that few dared to dream that they would see in their lifetime, someone that represented them and not those some see as their oppressors or tormentors, was the seat of the most powerful position in the world.

The President of the United States is a black man with a Muslim background. That sentence is so powerful it drove Aryans in the US to plot to assassinate Mr. Obama and several other people of colour. The prospect of that possibility coming to pass motivated those who wanted it to happen and those who would do anything to ensure that it did not to get up and do something, anything, to make their preferred outcome happen. Voter turnout was as much as 80 percent in some states; numbers unheard of in over a hundred years.

My wife woke me up as I slept on the couch to ensure that I heard and witnessed Obama's speech LIVE. She understood that this moment in time was THAT special and meaningful that I would have been upset and disappointed for missing it. Not since Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a dream" speech has the words of a black man held such promise and captivation of a nation, and of the world at large. The promise of change means something different depending on where you live and the circumstances of your surroundings. It could mean more prosperity, it could mean better healthcare or, it could mean that you no longer have to cower in fear as the war that engulfs your country will soon be over. It is a VERY tall order for the new administration but they will have to deliver on what they promised for this to truly be a success.

One thing concerning race stood out to me; and no, not the candidates. When I was watching the coverage on the CBC of the two speeches, I could not help but notice as the cameras moved about the crowd and focused on various faces in the crowd just how different the makeup of those crowds appeared to be. I think that pretty much summed up why McCain lost. Obama's crowd was mixed not only in colour, but in age, social status and monetary accomplishment. Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, everybody. McCain's crowd, much like the states he won (Texas and Oklahoma anyone?), was less diverse, less all-encompassing, older and less a face of change. In the end, the vote proved that people are tired of seeing the same old crowd.

The times ahead will not be kind to the Obama administration but I look forward to the promise of change and the promise of a better place for not only Americans but for the world at large. The obvious question to this new admistration and its supporters is, do you really think you can accomplish your goals, keep your promises as best as possible and truly strive to make the world a better place for everyone?

Yes We Can!