Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dang Canadian teams!

So, last night everyone lost. The Jays lost 6-4, not that it really matters. I will be a bandwagon jumper on that one. The Calagary Flames got knocked off 5-3 and are now out of the playoffs. I was really hoping Jerome Inginla and the crew would be able to pull it off against the Sharks but it was not the Kipper's best game and they could not claw their way back into it. And then there is the Toronto Raptors who, if they could simply f**king remember what the paint was, would have won their second game against Orlando and tied the series up. Nope, as in past years, laziness, settling for the outside jumper and not attacking the basket means we need to win the next four out of five to advance. Not impossible but we love to make things harder for ourselves than need be.

Other notable games last night had the hated Philadelphia Flyers advancing past Ovechkin and the Capitals. I really hate the Flyers and I super hate the GM, Bobby Clarke. I hope Les Habitants can allow me to finally say this season, "F**K You Bobby Clarke!" Also on the losing end was the Pheonix Suns once again to the Spurs. I like Manu and Parker and even Duncan but as a whole, I can do without seeing San Antonio in the playoffs. I hope Nash and Shaq and the crew can get it together, cowboy up and get the job done finally. Dallas once again was made to bend over and lube up for Paul's New Orleans Hornets. That's one of those beatings where the parents invite people over for food and drinks while they retell the story of how they dished out the licks to you. Cuban has to be super pissed.

Games of note this week include Montreal versus Philadephia, Toronto versus Orlando, Lakers versus Nuggets, Celtics versus Hawks and King James' Cavs in action.


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