Friday, April 18, 2008

I certainly don't see what the debate is about.

any regular reader of this blog knows my stance on the death penalty, but let me say it again: I am for it when there is zero doubt about the guilt of the person involved and the seriousness of the crime. For this article specifically, it really is a no-brainer. By the very parameters, a child CANNOT give consent to have sex with an adult. Sure there is that gray area where older children are "convinced" that they know what they are doing and may agree to the act (especially with someone of the same age range). However, when a man or woman who is an adult preys upon someone who has yet to even formulate what the concept of sexual intercourse is, then it is a black and white case to me. That "person" needs to die and have that defective gene pool prevented from replicating. And generally, with DNA testing, the evidence will speak for itself. No plea bargains. No mercy rulings. Simple, quick, absolute. If there is any leeway, any way for the sick pervert to weasel out of the sentence, then there is no true deterrent to the crime. If, however, the sick pervert knows for a fact that when caught he or she will be put to death in short order, AND they see this sentence being carried out without prejudice and routinely, then it will actually make a few of them think it may not be such a good idea to risk my life to satisfy an urge. For the rest of them that cannot resist, they will get what is coming to them.


Death for those who rape children? - Crime & courts-

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