Friday, December 03, 2004

Da week from Idaho!

Well, it has been an interesting week. By interesting, I mean surprising, disappointing, maddening, saddening and totally &^%(*^%*&( up to the max!

Where do I begin? The child? The family? The job? The deaths?

Man, this week had it all. Two colleagues had parents die. Regardless the circumstance (i.e. illness, age, etc.), it is never easy to see a loved one leave you; worse if it was unexpected. my heart goes out to the Poots and Lapierrre families. God bless.

The child, well, besides being a new teenager, she has decided to perform the incredible: test Dad's limits. Ok, let's be clear and realistic here; I have moving limits. I set my limits depending on the situation and person. With her, I have stretched and stretched my limits to the dismay of my wife. Now though, the child deared to step over the last limit line; SHE'S TOAST! I mean, why on Earth would she believe that she can pull one over on us now?

So, no tv, no games, no gaming, no video, no movies, no outings, no nothing. If I could borrow Riker's Island, I'd put her on it for a few months. As it is, I have donned my Grim Reaper visage and am going postal these days. My poor wife has to put up with me as well. Life is not fair.

And that to the wonderfully asinine mentally that is slowly creeping through my workplace and you have a nice package of delirium. Really people, if you had a choice between being a nice cohesive unit rather than a back-satbbing, neo-political mess, which would you choose to be? Too much politics, too much CYA moves, too much incompetence, too much grandiose gestures of hypocrisy. It's all just too much. Yeah, I have a family to take care of so I have to put up with it for now, but God-almighty you just want to reach out and slap people sometimes.

For an example, take this particularly insightful beeyatch who thought that me and a bud were speaking, in a room with the door open, too loudly. Was it the lady just outside said room complaining? Nope. It is the pyscho-beeyatch out that door, down the hall past a wider hall around the corner into another cubicle area. How the *&%^*%^$&^$^ are we bothering her mad ass down there when the person outside the door is not bothered? If your nerves are that shot, take your mad beeyatching self and check into 1001 Queen Street West!! This damn woman is tighter than a frog's ass in water; she really needs to learn how to relax. Sorry, what she really needs is a good, LONG, F.........riend.

So much more to mention. I need to travel home, get a drink and then maybe continue. See ya on the flipside.


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