Monday, August 18, 2008

A different side of a typical American.

The Olympics are supposed a time and area where politics and learned hatreds are suspended while the pureness if the pursuit of perfection is allowed to carry on. It happened when the Nazis were seemingly in power and it continues today as so many conflicts rage around the world.

While it has been easy to bash Americans over the last few years and to paint everyone with the same brush, it is refreshing to come across those that break the stereotype and allow us to see each citizen as the individual that they truly are. Ms. Mendoza appears to be sincere in here column and seems to be genuine in her offer and desire. As anyone who has watched The Amazing Race knows, we have it VERY cushy over here in North America so I would hope if in her lifetime she truly gets the opportunity to visit Pakistan or anywhere else less fortunate than us, that she soaks in the culture, focuses on the people and grows from the experience.

Should I win the lottery one day, I publicly pledge to pay for the expenses to make this happen. Change happens a little at a time and like a fragile plant, needs to be cared for and nurtured. Let us all be so fortunate to cultivate this type of wonder and openness. Good on you Ms. Mendoza, and best of luck in the Olympics.

Peace. - A tale of two worlds

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