Thursday, October 26, 2006

CANOE -- JAM! - Michael J. Fox fans slam Limbaugh

Politics is a dirty business. We all know this to be a fact. Simply put, you simply don't get so dirty that you cannot clean yourself. I am tired of hearing about Rush Limburgh and his holier than thou attitude. If ever someone's fifteen minutes should have ben up and be shown the door it is him.


CANOE -- JAM! - Michael J. Fox fans slam Limbaugh


Anonymous said...

Limbaugh is a tool.
But.. He is the #1 talk show host in America.

Go back to poppin' pills rush

wizdom said...

one thing to comment on politics and personal views... faking parkinson's... I understand the ratings game, believe me I do, but this is just too much. If he wants to attack it form the selling himself to a politcal cause perspective, fine and dandy, but fakin it... may as well just spit in the face of everyone who suffers from the disease. If he is the number 1 host I will never know why...