Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wacky wind and wacky neighbours

Our LB is always of the mind to be nice and cheerful with one's neighbours. Generally, we susbscribe to this kind of thinking. The problem is when you deal with a level of ignorance that clouds that. On one side, we have a retired Italian couple. We can be on our way out on vacation and I just have to knock at the door, ask them to watch the place and pick up mail and newspapers and we are outta there. When we get back, we always give them a nice bottle of red wine and pick up ur stuff.

On the other side, there are four generations of a Muslim family living in a twice renovated house (or was it thrice). The second generation father is a very nice man. We get along with him and on son very well. Greetings everytime we speak, help with snowplowing the very long driveways, an understanding of personal space and everything else that makes a good neighbour. None of that has filtered down to the rest o fthe family who fours years later remain standoffish, distant and unable to understand the whole "my side, your side" concept. People who know us know how much we relish the idea of a new hose with no shared driveway and neighbours who understand what personal space is. No more people people not comig to our house traipsing across our front lawn. No more idiot basketball players using DW's car as either a bench or out of bounds marker. No more myterious dents, dings and scrachs on our vehicles. No more unattended children rolling down our front lawn or standing at our front door or blocking our driveway as we swing into it.

The pictures in the web album show a certain amount of guilty pleasure on my part. Normally, the father and I will work together to clear snow and clean up after a storm and such. No such cooperation with this lot (the father has since given the eldest son the house and moved down the street to another home). So, when they decided to clean up the leaves that had fallen so far (only half of the tree), they decided to only do up to the demarcation point, which is clearly marked off by their recently resprayed driveway which is much darker than ours. Even a have hearted attempt would have been welcome and we would ave acted in kind, but nope. So, since we were moving, and I remember what this time of year is like, we said fudge it and left the leaves to blow. It really blew starting on Sunday (so much so I thought DW's plane might get grounded) and ended up clearing most of what we would ave had to pick up in front right back onto their side of things.

Ah well, for everything else we have endured over the years, this payback is still a beeyatch. Tee hee. I am in an evil mood today.


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