Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Muslim Islam Demo London Denmark Embassy

Famine brought this to my attention and it is clearly demonstrates the problem with our world today in many ways. First, we have a small group of fanatical idiots that are painting a portrait of all Muslims in a negative way. We then have the ability to view these images, thanks to modern technology, at what time we want, how many times we want. Then to top that off, we have the news media and print media happy to show us the stories that they believe will get them the most readers and viewers.

Life is being skewed around us and we poor lost little sheep are following. There are bad people in every religion; no one can deny that. The thing is, how many of those bad people blow you up for disagreeing with an idea, for an insulting cartoon or because you taught their women to drive?

Everyone are entitled to their own beliefs and religion and choices. I have a BIG problem when the selfish choice of others affects my way of life and threatens those I love.

The day this video depicts was a sad day for us all. It will be repeated which makes it sadder still. What level of violence is going to bring about true change? And if you think this world issue will end peacefully, you simply have not been paying attention.

Peace. Please.

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Anonymous said...

Actually from what I understand the BBC declined to show this kind of video coverage.

The question is what should the media do with it. Frankly they are in a no win situation.

What are their choices.

1 Not show it because it is politicaly incorrect. (The BBC is VERY politicaly correct) This is the worst scenario in my opinion because it denies the general population a true view of some people for very wrong reasons.

2 Not show it because it might inflame the general population. This is unlikely to happen. Much like canada the UK is not easily inflamed.

3 Show it and take criticism for it from the politicaly correct forces. Later being forced to retract and backdown and hold "internal inquiries into editorial decisions"

4 Show it, strongly state that this is a true view of a group of people at a point in time. It happened, its true, and you deserve to see it.

Interesting to note that the one VERY important piece of information that you cannot see in the video is the size of the crowd. It matters wether this was a crowd in the thousands or a crowd of a hundred or so.

Personally I think that it needs to be shown. Too many people have their heads in the sand and they need to see some truth. If it becomes open then it becomes a matter for debate and action.
If it remains hidden then we cant expect anybody to open their eyes.

I believe the vast majority of Musilms in North America are very moderate. We need to hear from these guys much more. Why aren't we? I believe it has to do with fear, fear of being branded heretic, fear of being threatened with danger. We need to encourage, support and protect the moderates who come forward and speak out.

In Europe the moderate muslims are a much smaller majority. The extremists are stronger, more open and more vocal.
Every european country has terrible problems ahead. The president of Iran this week openly threatened europe this week with becoming muslim one way or another.

A lot of it has do with pure numbers. I recall reading that the French population was 20% muslim now with 1 in 3 babies being born muslim. Even with radicals making a small part of the muslim population, that is still a lot of people.

Another factor is the nature of the immigration. European immigration of muslims and the policies surrounding it tie back to agreements made by european countries back during the Oil crisis in the seventies. Where they basically agreed to open up to mass migration without any need to assimilate/integrate in any meaningful way.

Europe is in trouble. Unfortunatley you are correct this will not end peacefully.

Scary times.