Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My day - part one

Today has just been a joy to wake up to. Shall we? Sure, check out the following:

- awoke to find none of the work I planned to do got done while I was fast asleep on the devil's chair (AKA the couch).
- was too tired when I turdged upstairs to stay fully awake so it made it worse.
- left for work downtown much later that I had wanted to.
- AGAIN, dropped the bagel DW made me for breakfast as I exited the house (note to self, ask for sandwhich bag).
- got caught in rush hour traffic after a major rain storm, so idiots everywhere.
- taxi idiot decided that right turn only sign for this lane does not apply to him, holds up traffic so he can go straight.
- DVP highway idiot decides that the "do not cross solid line" rule does not apply to him as he weaves his POS car in and out of my lane.
- get to work parking garage, discover wallet still at home in OTHER black pants. Thankfully truck change is enough to pay charge.
- get to desk, discover network cable is at home. Thankfully, box being returned to vendor has one so I pilfer it before it is packed up.
- walking to meeting friends for lunch for dim sum, get hassled by a guy wanting to know if I take Jesus Christ as my personal saviour. I tell him it is a personal question which I respectfully refuse to answer since I do not know him.

And I simply will not (and can not) get into the work-related crap happening to day on top of all of this. Ugh, thankfully the day is nearly done. Time to head home and meet DW as we continue our quest for a new place to rent.


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