Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Come on now, is this really necessary?

You know me, I love new technology as much as I love oxygen. That said, even I have to pause and say, "Come on" every once in a while when the technology is for something that just makes people lazy or is really of no true benefit. The ability for a vehicle to park itself will undoubtedly save my poor Roo from further dings and scrapes in the future. However, I truly believe that if one cannot parallel park (the ultimate judge of your depth perception, control and patience) than one really should not have one's ass on any road I drive on. I love the Lexus line of cars and I love new technology and this is just super duper cool. I just want legislation that says you cannot buy this car unless your ass can park the damn thing on your own.



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Anonymous said...

Frankly I must bow my head in shame as I admit that I SUCK at parallel parking.

Another reason I bought my SMART car.